Precor Elliptical Cross Trainers Bring the Gym to You

Precor lead the field when it comes to designing elliptical cross trainers with their innovative design and robust construction. The compact elliptical design of the Precor range of ellipticals is based on the revolutionary central drive that was patented in 2004 by Larry D. Miller. This innovation allowed for the construction of smaller, more efficient elliptical machines that are better suited to a domestic setting.

Unlike many cross trainers that have been designed for the domestic market, Precor elliptical provide all of the features that you find on the machines at your favorite gym. Their range has a choice of fixed or moving handlebars and adjustable cross ramps to make it easy to vary the intensity of your workouts. There are also a variety of tracking features to allow you to monitor your heart rate, and built-in exercise programs that can be customized for different people who want to use the same machine.

Ellipticals are among the most popular exercise machines in most gyms because they provide a low impact workout, but still provide all of the variation in intensity that produces the results that you are looking for. The moving handlebars create a full body exercise routine that makes it a good machine to choose for general use. This makes them a sensible choice of exercise machine for your home, where space is limited and you want to get the most use out of it as possible.

You can put a Precor elliptical in your home for as little as $1,799.00 with their most basic model, the EFX 5.21. This provides a very small, simple workout machine that should fit into almost any domestic space. It does have fixed handlebars and a limited range of functionality but it is a durable, value for money choice. The top of the range costs around $7,500 and provides automatic cross ramp adjustment, moving handlebars and touch screen telemetry. There are eight elliptical cross trainers in the Precor range, offering a variety of levels of functionality and variation of intensity in the workouts that they provide. For around the same amount as you spend on gym membership you can bring the best of the gym to your own home.