Precor FTS Glide – Commercial Grade Machine in Your Own Home

What differentiates you and the competitors in the NPC Louisiana Bodybuilding Championships? The competitors devote their time to a regimented body-building routine that sculpts their muscles and reduces their body fat. You can go to a gym to do this same workout, but why not do the exercises inside your own home in front of your TV? Home gyms are great because you never have to worry about who used it before you, which might require you to make adjustments to the machine to fit your size. You can keep everything set for your particular height and weight-use requirements. If you still want a commercial-quality gym in your home, try the Precor FTS Glide, which you can see at Fitness Expo locations.

Working out with a Precor FTS Glide does not mean that you have to sacrifice an entire room for your home gym. This strength training system takes up little space, while giving you a wide variety of exercise options. Included with the FTS Glide is a guide that illustrates how to perform all of the possible exercises that can be done on this machine to strengthen your core and every other muscle group in your body. The guide can be placed on the machine for reference during exercise.

Every part of the body has specific exercises that help to build the muscles in that area.

  • For the chest, do the following exercises on the FTS Glide to strengthen the area: standing and seated chest presses, diverging row, seated or standing pec fly, seated shoulder press.
  • If you are interested in building your biceps and triceps or just want to tone them up, you can do these exercises with the Glide: triceps extensions, bicep curls, pull-ups and isolateral bicep curls.
  • Core muscles are especially important to develop even if you don’t want a six-pack of abs. Exercises to develop the abs on the Precor FTS Glide include abdominal crunch, torso rotation and seated abdominal crunch.
  • For strong legs, you need to concentrate on all the major muscle groups in your lower half. This is especially important because many athletes develop pain in their knees because they lack the strength in their quadriceps to balance out their stronger hamstrings. This causes uneven pulling on the joint and subsequent pain. The FTS Glide can help you do lunges and standing leg curls.
  • For many exercises, you can increase the challenge to your body by sitting on a stability ball, which uses your core muscles to keep you upright.

The Precor FTS Glide is the same machine you would use in a commercial gym, and like a multiple-exercise weight trainer, you can work out your entire body with one machine. For the results you want, you will need to establish a regular workout schedule to ensure that you keep up with your exercises. Unlike commercial gyms, bringing home an all-in-one strength-training machine helps you to quickly get through your entire workout in a shorter amount of time without waiting for others to finish with the machine.

Whether you want to get ripped or just toned, the Precor FTS Glide can help.