Precor RBK 815 – A Stationary Bike for the Whole Family

Stationary bikes are an excellent way to get into shape if you like riding but don’t have access to riding paths. This can be a particular concern for parents in big cities – if your kids love to ride, it isn’t always safe to do so when the only bike path is a crowded sidewalk or a slim lane alongside heavy traffic. The Precor RBK 815 is a great choice for a family of indoor riders.

First, let’s talk about the ease of use. The RBK’s console offers a very clear display, simple programming options, and large domed buttons that are durable and easy to press. Younger riders can use it without difficulty, while adults will appreciate the long lasting functionality.

The 815 uses a special step-through mounting system. The centerline of the bike is along the floor, not up in the air. You just step through and sit down, instead of climbing over a line. This means people of any height can comfortably climb in and simply start riding. The seat is adjustable to a wide range of heights and postures, again making it ideal for a home with riders of different sizes and shapes.

Fitness Expo staff at our fine stores in Shreveport, Jackson, Kenner, Baton Rouge, and Metairie can show you the whole range of adjustable features on the 815, allowing you to get a feel for it before your family buys.

Fitness Expo staff are also very thoroughly trained in all aspects of their job, unlike employees in the exercise department of big box stores. Fitness Expo staff know about body mechanics, age related issues, exercise fundamentals and more. They can help any family with specific, detailed information about how to get the most out of a great machine like the RBK.

Other touches to the RBK 815 are small but thoughtful. You can adjust the seating one-handed, without interrupting your workout or letting go of the handgrip. The pedals are extra wide for easy purchase, and dual-sided to boot. So you can use them with the integrated straps for high-intensity workouts, or flip them over to go strapless if you want more freedom to adjust your feet.