Prepare for the Red Dress Event with Fitness Expo

Prepare for the Red Dress Event with Fitness Expo

Whether you are an avid runner looking for a break from the grind of marathons, or a casual jogger just wanting to help charity, the Red Dress Event in New Orleans is one to prepare for. At Fitness Expo, our talented and experienced staff will help you find the equipment best suited for your needs. From ellipticals to treadmills, home gym to work place gym, Fitness Expo Stores have the equipment to meet all your needs for fitness. We provide top of the line equipment from Precor, Vision and Life Fitness.

Fitness Expo Stores has eight locations to better serve your fitness equipment needs. No matter where you are in Louisiana, one of our locations is within driving distance from you. Because we are not the typical fitness store, we care about our customers and strive to help you find the equipment that is suited to your needs, not a corporations. With a deeper understanding of your needs, the equipment you take home after speaking to our team will be something you will want to use every day and not just to prepare for a once a year event, like the Red Dress Event.

Your health is important and at Fitness Expo, we want to help make it a top priority for you every day. If you purchase equipment you are not comfortable with, or do not completely understand, or that even has features you won’t use, then you will most likely not use it. How does that help you reach your fitness and health goals? The top quality equipment we offer from Precor, Vision, Life Fitness and others, allows you to customize your home gym for your needs. With the many options we offer, and the personalized attention from our staff, your home gym will be easier to use and meet your needs in areas where a public gym is lacking.

Come in to the Metairie, Louisiana location today and meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Take a walk around our store to get a feel for the equipment we offer. Spend some time using each piece we have available and imagine what it would be like to have it in the privacy of your home, for your personal use. Discuss your goals with us to give us a better understanding of what you need and what we can do to help you reach that next marathon, or weight goal or even just the casual charity run.

We offer delivery and in-home setup of your equipment. If for some reason your equipment isn’t functioning properly, we will come back to your home and fix your equipment so that you can get back to your workout. We want your experience with us to be the best you have ever had, and we hope that you will share your experiences with your friends. What better way to run a marathon than with friends!

It is our goal to help you. By helping you, we help Louisiana become a healthy state to live in.