Product Review: Precor EFX® 532i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

Product Review Precor EFX® 532i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

Here is fitness equipment that compliments exercise enthusiasts with active lifestyles. The Precor EFX® 532i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer is a self-powered exercise bike that can save you on energy bills while toning your leg and arm muscles, improve your cardiovascular health, and allow you a total body workout every day. This handsome Crosstrainer is perfect for both home and commercial use. Mounting is easy and the ride is smooth and natural as it helps you crosstrain different muscle groups. With the Precor EFX® 532i Elliptical Fitness Cross trainer, you can reduce stress in your joins and minimize fatigue.

Exercise Console
Precor EFX® 532i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer comes with a streamlined and easy to navigate advanced LCD display to help you select workout programs and tally your speed and calories burning progress. You’ll have an easy time exploring programs, thanks to the clear and familiar layout. The console also features durable, responsive and tactile dome switches. There’s also an integrated entertainment system for an enjoyable workout.

The LCD display also has a 10-key pad where you can enter data or choose channels through the patented Cardio Theater components.

The Precor EFX® 532i has eight language modes: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Italian and Romanized Russian. The preset programs include six courses: Manual, Interval, Weight Loss, Heart Rate Control, Gluteals, and Cross Training. You can monitor Time (elapsed, remaining), Workout summary, Heart rate analysis, and workout Percent completed.

Precor’s CrossRamp®
This exercise machine employs the unique CrossRamp® technology that enables you to exercise with an elliptical motion from 15-40 degrees in reverse and forward strides. This allows you to isolate specific muscle groups while riding the Precor EFX® 532i. You’ll be able to get a dynamic lower-body workout while varying incline and length of every stride.

Precor’s biomechanics passed the Biomechanics laboratory at Western Washington University as a machine that’s equipped to accommodate all kinds of exercise buffs. You get superb stability and ease of movement no matter what size or fitness level you have.

Sleek, industry-standard frame, handlebars and foot pedals
Precor EFX® 532i has fixed handlebars that provide a tighter and secure grip. Foot pedals are made of tough polypropylene plastic and the machine runs on wheels made of double polyurethane. You get to glide with precise movement thanks to enhanced and tightly sealed bearings. The tracks made of extruded aluminum help distribute your weight for a more efficient workout and a smoother ride. Precor EFX® 532i also has a durable rear cover that can withstand damage whenever excessive weight is applied.

Benefits and Target users
All users of various fitness levels and size can use Precor EFX® 532i. You can use it to target lower-body muscle groups or run an efficient cardio workout. This elliptical crosstrainer provides a total body workout that’s perfect for those who are trying to lose weight. Gym enthusiasts who find a harder time to fit in gym visits to their schedule can also rely on Precor EFX® 532i to maintain their fitness. This exercise machine is also great for those recovering from injuries since it provides a low-impact workout and helps reduce strain in the joints and encourages blood flow in the muscles. For commercial-grade fitness equipment you can also use at home without having to worry about your electric bills, Precor EFX® 532i is a great purchase below the $ 5,000 range.

You get a seven-year warranty for the frame, 2 years for the mechanical and electronic parts, 1 year for the display battery, and 5 years for the display face. Warranty also covers 1 year for wear items and 1 year for labor.

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