The ElliptiGO 3C is the entry level model to the long-stride elliptical bike. This unit has three gears and is a perfect bike to achieve a great cardio workout. Get out and have fun!

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Key Benefits of ElliptiGO Elliptical Bikes

• Low-impact exercise

• Comfortable riding position

• Great visability for enhanced safety

• Efficient and effective workout

• One-size fits all- users of all sizes will enjoy a comfortable and effective workout

Similarities to Running

• Close substitute for running outdoors

• Efficient cardiovascular exercise

• Targets similar muscle groups as running

Advantages over Running

• Low-impact exercise that reduces joint pain

• Quicker recovery time of muscles, this allows for more frequent training with fewer days off

• Travel further in distance

• Speed and the performance is exhilarating

Similarities to Cycling

• Similar speed adn efficiency of travel

• Ability to climb hills

• Easy to balance and maneuver

Advantages over Cycling

• Better workout in less time

• More comfortable riding poistion- no seat, back, neck or shoulder pain

• Weight bearing exercise better maintains bone density

• Upright riding poistion gives the user better visibility and makes more visible for motorists

Similarities to the Elliptical Trainer

• Low-impact workout

• Comfortable motion

• One size fits most users

• Efficient, weight-bearing workout

Advantages over the Elliptical Trainer

• Enjoy the outdoors

• Longer stride length

• Balancing strengthens core muscles

• Participate in competitive/organized events

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