The ElliptiGO Arc is the newest to the ElliptiGO family. This bike has eight gears and a compact stride length. It is the lightest and most affordable bike as well. Experience all of the great features, as well as the benefits over traditional exercises, in this new model!

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Key Benefits of ElliptiGO Elliptical Bikes

• Low-impact exercise

• Comfortable riding position

• Great visability for enhanced safety

• Efficient and effective workout

• One-size fits all- users of all sizes will enjoy a comfortable and effective workout

Similarities to Running

• Close substitute for running outdoors

• Efficient cardiovascular exercise

• Targets similar muscle groups as running

Advantages over Running

• Low-impact exercise that reduces joint pain

• Quicker recovery time of muscles, this allows for more frequent training with fewer days off

• Travel further in distance

• Speed and the performance is exhilarating

Similarities to Cycling

• Similar speed adn efficiency of travel

• Ability to climb hills

• Easy to balance and maneuver

Advantages over Cycling

• Better workout in less time

• More comfortable riding poistion- no seat, back, neck or shoulder pain

• Weight bearing exercise better maintains bone density

• Upright riding poistion gives the user better visibility and makes more visible for motorists

Similarities to the Elliptical Trainer

• Low-impact workout

• Comfortable motion

• One size fits most users

• Efficient, weight-bearing workout

Advantages over the Elliptical Trainer

• Enjoy the outdoors • Longer stride length

• Balancing strengthens core muscles

• Participate in competitive/organized events

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