The Fitspine XC5 Inversion Table by Teeter offers natural spinal decompression while incorporating the newest inversion innovations. This upside-down back stretcher can aid in the reduction of back pain, relieve pressure, ease tension from your joints, and increase flexibility. Inversion therapy provides several benefits, including muscle realignment and nerve pressure reduction.

The Teeter inversion table features a custom design that offers a superior user experience. It includes a unique rotation system for ultimate control and ease. The contour frame exclusive to this inversion table provides both a sleek look and less strain when getting in and out of the table. Its large support hand grips help you feel more secure during inversion exercises and can help when returning to an upright position.

Fitness Expo has determined this to be the safest and most comfortable inversion table!





    • Patented FlexTech™ Bed – Features a smooth firm surface that enhances decompression of the spine, supported by 8 point floating suspension to enhance flex and comfort.
    • Premium Ankle Lock System – Extra-long handle makes securing your ankles easy and strain free. The micro-adjusting closure and patented Ergo Embrace Supports ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
    • One-Click Balance Feature – Patented Pivot system ensures smooth and whisper quiet rotation control. Easily adjust balance point with just one click to accommodate a range of users.
    • Precision Balancing – Designed for the ultimate controlled rotation with minimal effort. Easily pre-set the maximum angle to 20, 40 and 60 degrees with the EX-Angle tether, or release for optional full inversion for advanced stretching and exercise.
    • Teeter MOVE app – Engage with this subscription free app to see getting started video, trainer-led stretching and exercise classes.