Octane RO


Made popular by the Max Trainer cardio machine, the Max 14 Interval program drives maximum effort in 25-second intervals, followed by 80-second recovery periods. This ultra-efficient, 14-minute HIIT session inspires exercisers to give it their all and benefit from total-body conditioning.

The intuitive, accommodating Octane Ro delivers progressive challenges via dual resistance and 10 resistance levels that boost intensity. Exercisers can find extra motivation from the enhanced console and dynamic calorie meter, which report real-time efforts.

Plus, the Octane Ro is exceptionally easy to use, with innovative features such as the patent-pending quick-release foot strap, MultiGrip handlebar and oversized handlebar catch.


  • Dual resistance – fan and magnetic brake
  • Quick-release foot strap
  • Max 14 Interval workout
  • MultiGrip handlebar
  • Enhanced console with calorie meter
  • Comfort seat
  • Oversized handlebar catch
  • Self-powered
  • Small footprint
  • Easy storage
  • Quick-Release Foot Strap
    This patent-pending design enables exercisers to quickly insert their feet and pull up on the handle for a secure fit. A simple push of a button releases the strap for an easy exit.

    Dual Resistance
    Combined fan and magnetic brake resistance provide a broader range of resistance levels to accommodate everything from leisurely rows to grueling HIIT sessions.

    MultiGrip Handlebar
    Multiple hand positions facilitate greater comfort and variety and more activation of chest, back and arm muscles.

    Enhanced Console
    A dynamic calorie meter, plus real-time feedback on all performance metrics. Strokes per minute, watts and distance, motivate and engage exercisers to work hard.