Precor CO27ES Leg Extension/Leg Curl Vitality Series

Precor CO27ES Leg Extension/Leg Curl Vitality Series dual-function machine designed with convenient, easy-to-adjust ankle pad and shin pad adjustment from the seated position. The below-the-knee shin pad design facilitates proper leg curl form. Users can easily engage the add-on weight with a simple push of a lever to increase the work load.




  • Instructional Placard: Simple step-by-step instructions for users of all levels to help with setup and exercise, including tips to help maximize workouts.
  • Fabric is premium-quality industrial vinyl with a protective coating that results in long-lasting, easy-to-clean upholstery pads and rollers. Fabric meets or exceeds California fire regulations (Bulletin 117, section E). Construction features a 4-piece design with a 3/4 inch thick plywood back, 3/4 inch high-density foam base, 3/4 inch high-density foam core and industrial fabric cover. Total thickness is 2.5 inches (65 mm).
  • Two machines in one: leg extension and seated leg curl. Shin pad design for superior leg curl movement. Easy ankle pad and start adjustment from seated position.


  • Weight Stack:  240 lbs / 110 kg
  • Workout Area: LxW: 71 x 43 inches / 180 x 109 cm
  • Length:  64 inches / 163 cm
  • Width:  43 inches / 109 cm
  • Height:  57 inches / 145 cm
  • Machine Weight:  550 lbs / 249 kg




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