Precor DSL0500 Shoulder Press

Precor DSL0500 Shoulder Press Discovery Series: Selectorized Line Shoulder Press delivers targeted movement with a movement arm that is counter-balanced with a rear-set pivot designed to create a proper motion path and low starting lift weight. The ratcheting gas-assisted seat adjusts to fit a wide range of users.



Equipment Features:

  • Units have fully shrouded weight stacks in full compliance with ASTM and EN standards.
  • Each selector plate is entirely precision-machined on all surfaces. Top plate has replaceable precision self-lubricating bushings.
  • The plates feature a black painted protective finish. Guide rods are precision centerless ground, polished, with corrosion-resistant plating for smooth operation and rust retardation.
  • The weight stack is elevated to facilitate user pin selection from seated position.
  • Pulleys and cables glass-fiber-reinforced nylon pulleys for durability, with precision motor-grade ball bearing pulleys. Cable consists of 3/16 inch (7″x19″) aircraft cable coated with black pressure-extruded nylon to 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch and coated to 3/16 inch. When used, redirection pulleys route cables close to frame to minimize chance of external interference.
  • Workout Area: L X W 67L x 52 W inches / 170 L x 132 W cm

Equipment Dimensions:

  • L X W X H:  L 67 inches / 170 cm   W:52 inches / 132 cm  H: 59 inches / 150 cm
  • Weight: 538 lbs / 244 kg



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