How to Get Your Own Personal Training Clients

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Personal trainers find it hard to get to their feet.

Clients come and go and for sustainability, you need to build a strong client list.

Aside from that, you have to be well poised to recruit new clients now.

And then, as you aim to develop your skill and boost your reputation.

The more efforts you invest, the easier it will be to get clients through the door.

Luckily, you can offer online personal training services to clients today, and this increases your reach.

Here are some of the best ways to prospect for personal training clients;

Leverage the Power of Social Media

The internet is a powerful marketing tool.

How to become a personal trainer in this digital age? You can use social media to market your personal training service.

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Social media is useful due to its engagement rates, something that makes it perfect for engaging with potential clients.

Set up an online personal trainer page on popular platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter.

Be active on those pages and always post strategically to elicit the interest of people who might need your services.

Share your experience in personal fitness and respond to queries people might have about this topic as you engage with potential clients and offer your services.

You can also lookup to fitness influencers and figure out how they engage their followers and potential customers on social media. 

Prompt Clients for an Assessment

The personal fitness niche is an interesting one since many people might need your services but do not have the guts to start contact.

This strategy works subtly since it helps to bring out these people and refer them to your service.

Start by offering tips on personal training and related topics on social media or any other portfolio that you use to define your services.

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Once you capture the attention of these people, prompt them to request a free assessment.

This will give them more insight into their current fitness status and if they are comfortable with the session, they should sign up for your services.

Be Seen

Personal training is a niche where people need to see what they are doing.

You cannot be all over social media advising people on how to stay fit, yet you have never posted a picture of you taking on a workout session.

Be active and join the local fitness groups.

The idea behind this is to establish yourself as an authority in the personal fitness niche in a bid to get people to sign up for your services.

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Be there when any personal training discussions come up in any setting and try to carry the brand wherever you go.

The playground is one of the best places to look for customers and if there is one in your area, make this your favorite hangout spot.

Carry Handy Information About Your Service

If you are a certified personal trainer, you need to understand that your job is not defined by the regular eight to five-time limit.

Every time you step outside your house, work commences and have to be ready for anything.

You need to take advantage of every fitness conversation that pops up at the coffee shop, park, movies, or anywhere else you go.

Carry something that potential clients can always use to get back to you.

Make it a habit of stashing business cards and pamphlets in your pockets so that after every conversation, a prospect can always get back to you even if they did not seem to show interest at that point.


As a start, you will need to do a lot of free work to get your name out there.

Most of these efforts will be directed to building your brand and reputation as a personal trainer.

Connect with local business owners and offer free wellness sessions to their employees.

Write articles on personal training tips and post them on websites.

Record podcasts about the topic and volunteer to train kids at a school or any other place.

By doing these, you will establish your name, and people will take note of your services.

It’s good to start by looking for clients in your small community before you scale up.

Be visible here as it’s easy to nail down clients who feel that they can connect with you.

Have a top-level marketing plan and point out the specific tasks you will do to achieve the goal.

It might be a challenge to get the first client. But after this, you might recruit new trainers to help you deliver more once your client list grows.