Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

If you haven’t seen it yet, get on your Netflix account and watch the movie BACKWARDS, starring James Van Der Beek (of DAWSON’S CREEK fame). It’s an independent drama about a female rower (played by Sarah Megan Thomas) who, after being cut from the U.S.A. Olympic rowing team for the second time, takes a job as a collegiate rowing coach. It’s a heartfelt story that will inspire you to work hard, chase after your dreams, never give up, and realize that when one door closes another may very well open, one that’s better than the one you were hoping for. The film is well acted, beautifully shot, and with a soundtrack that hits you right in the heart.

So why a movie review on a fitness site? Well, obviously we’re going to talk about rowers.
Rowing machines used to be used just by the athletes who make a name for themselves by being in a boat with a paddle in their hands, rocketing their small vessel down the river faster than the boats that surround them. The rowing machines were how they’d practice and keep in shape for the big event when getting in the water with their crew wasn’t an option.

This piece of training equipment is now available for at-home use and can be found at any of our conveniently located Fitness Expo showrooms.

The majority of these rowers can fold up for quick and easy storage, so they don’t need to take up space in your living room when they’re not in use. They use either air or magnets (or in some cases both) as a means of resistance, giving you the best cardio workout of your life. You’re using your legs, you’re using your arms and chest, you have to breathe and pace yourself just like the real athletes of the sport, and all without ever getting in the water.

Just like in the water, the harder you row, the more resistance you’ll get. And if you’re feeling really competitive, some models (like the LifeCore LCR100) even have a feature to race against a computer simulated rower. A hardcore workout with a built-in game? Yes, please!