Get a Running Start on Fitness with Precor Treadmills

Treadmills are one of the best known and most reliable fitness machines that you can have in your home. The Precor range of treadmills has evolved the simple stationary running track into a fully featured cardio workout machine. They incorporate an array of contemporary technology and state of the art engineering to provide customizable exercise options that are suited for every level of experience and fitness.

Precor treadmills are all constructed from the highest quality materials and the running track is made from durable multiply polyester satin weave belt with a non slip PVC surface. The running track is based on Precor’s shock absorbing Ground Effects Impact Control System that uses precisely engineered shock absorbers at the front end of the deck with a rigid rear end for greater traction to improve kick off. This is coupled with the Integrated Footplant Technology that measures your pace as you run and adjusts the belt speed to your individual stride. This technology is supported by Precor’s reliable 3 HP continuous duty motor that provides all of the torque and power that you need to work out effectively and which is 100% maintenance free. The running track has a maximum speed of 12 mph and can incline up to 15 degrees to increase the resistance.

The Precor range of treadmills offers several options for the onboard exercise programs that come with each of the machines. The experienced staff at all of our Fitness Expo showrooms can show you over the complete range of Precor treadmills and explain all of the various options that are available in order to help you make the right, informed decision of which treadmill is the right one for your individual exercise needs and fitness goals. There is also a complete array of monitoring options available on all Precor treadmills, making it easy to track the effectiveness of your exercise regime in real time. With up to 4 storable user IDs and as many as 18 preprogrammed exercise routines a single machine will be effective across the fitness spectrum of any household and there is sure to be a Precor treadmill that is exactly right for your home.