Safety Tips to Child Proof All Your Home Fitness Equipment

Safety Tips to Child Proof All Your Home Fitness Equipment

In an extensive study conducted by Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 7,800 kids below five years of age suffer from grievous injuries caused by wrong setup or storage of home gym exercise equipment. Some of the most common causes of injuries are weights rolled or dropped on children due to their unsecured safety locks, treadmills that users haven’t turned off thereby causing a child to skid, or visible power cords that may cause strangulation or electrocution. Therefore, if you’re planning to set up a home gym, and live with kids and pets, keep the following tips in mind.

Childproof Your Exercise Area

Try to set up your home gym in a room that has a door that can be locked when it’s not in use. So you can easily lock the room when you’re finished and keep the keep out of reach of your children! If you workout while your kids are at home, you can also install child-safety gate that can be locked to prevent kids from opening it and entering the area where you’re exercising.

Choose Exercise Equipment that is Equipped with Safety Features

When buying your home exercising equipment, look for features that can easily prevent injuries from moving parts. These days many stationary bikes and elliptical machines come with child safety guards that instantly snap onto pedals to prevent them from moving until they’re taken off. So make it a habit to snap these safety guards in place after your workout.

Many treadmills and other exercise equipment also feature lockout password option to prevent their use unless password is coded by the user before starting it. As an extra safety measure you can use key-activated elliptical or treadmill. They cannot be started unless key is in place and a cord is then clipped to the user that will immediately pull the key should the runner fall. Keep these keys out of the reach of kids when not in use.

If your equipment folds for easy storage, unplug your equipment and fold it and then put it away when young kids are at home.

Hide all the cords.

Kids get excited when they see cords; they’re bitten or pulled whenever they’re seen. So to prevent the risk of strangulation and electrocution, you should hide all the cords. Move all your exercise equipment close to the walls or put few heavy-duty rugs right on the top of all electrical wires.

Keep Young Children in Sight!

Many kids are injured while an adult is using a treadmill and fails to see a small child right behind him or underneath the machine. If possible place your elliptical or treadmill in a corner facing the center of the room. Alternatively, place it in a way that child can approach it only from one direction that you have a clear view of all the times.