Schwinn Comp – Fit Your Machine into Your Life

Exercise bikes are a popular choice of domestic exercise machine, because they are easy to use and provide a reliable cardio workout that is very low impact. The original design of the upright exercise bike hasn’t really changed in over twenty years, but the Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp has made significant improvements to the simple components that make it such an effective aid to personal fitness. For beginners, the experienced staff at our showrooms can guide you through the advantages of choosing this simple machine to start you off.

The Schwinn Comp is a dual action exercise bike that utilizes air resistance in the form of a fan that takes the place of the flywheel in heavier machines. This gives the Comp an unlimited range of potential resistance because the harder and faster you pedal, the greater the resistance becomes. At the same time, the integrated exercise arms work in concert with the pedals to give you an upper body workout. The fan has been redesigned from earlier models, so it has a much smaller fan that provides a smoother quieter performance while blowing a cooling breeze over the rider. The fan is turned by a quiet and durable belt drive system to ensure it avoids the drive problems of machines that still use old fashioned bike chains, which can stretch with use or come off of the main crank cog.

Compared to many similar machines at only 104 lbs., the Schwinn Comp is also very light, largely due to the fact that it doesn’t have a heavy flywheel. It is also a compact machine, with a footprint of only 50″ by 22.5″, making it the perfect choice for even smaller residences. The frame is very sturdy and has a 30-year warranty for domestic users. The simple LCD control console provides all of the feedback that you need to monitor your workouts, without being cluttered by unnecessary exercise programs that beginners or casual users don’t need. Starting at only $799 it will not only fit into your domestic life, but it will also fit your budget.