Schwinn Comp – Fit Your Machine into Your Life

Previously, we’ve discussed the Schwinn Airdyne, a high tech bike with a unique construction. However, it does have one peculiarity – it’s pretty darn big. That’s why we also offer the Schwinn Comp, a compact version using the same design philosophy but in a much more economical space.

Fitness Expo staff are very proud to have the Schwinn Comp on sale. They know how to get the most out of any workout, being very well trained in body movement, exercise techniques, and equipment usage. Stop by any of our stores in Metairie, Kenner, Jackson, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, and Shreveport to get this information and more. They will be able to advise you on how best to achieve your fitness goals and supply the appropriate equipment for your needs.

The Schwinn uses a unique low-friction biking system to create a quiet, elegant workout. Instead of a resistance belt, the pedals on the Schwinn Comp power a wide bladed fan. Air resistance builds up as the pedals are moved, providing additional resistance. This means that the friction level is completely organic to your workout. Pedal harder, and you generate more wind resistance and get more workout for your effort. If you want to slow it down, just bring the pedal rate down and you’re good to go.

This has a very pleasant side effect for your workout as well. The fan is partially exposed to the room through its cage, which allows for an airflow effect. This increases air circulation in the room and as a result cools your legs as you work out, allowing you to work out longer and in more comfort.

Using a special encased bearing system, the Schwinn Comp is not just compact, it’s also quiet and pleasant to work out on. Instead of the scrape of a belt, you have just the comforting sound of moving air to listen to. This makes it easier to watch television or listen to the radio as you work out.

Finally, the Schwinn is designed with a low step-over height, allowing users of any build to access it without difficulty. This makes it more useful in a small space as you need less room to get on and off for your workouts.