Set Up Your Home Gym By Buying The Best Fitness Machines For Home Workouts

Set Up Your Home Gym By Buying The Best Fitness Machines For Home Workouts

So you’ve finally decided that you need to get fit, but the thought of going to the gym just wears you out more than you’d like. Perhaps you do not live near a gym facility and as such must spend extended hours during the commute from and to the gym. Or probably you just find commercial gyms a bit costly. Or could it possibly be that getting sweaty in the presence of strangers’ freaks you out? If these are some of the woes you have, then it is high time you consider creating your personal home gym.

Before you can do so, however, here is a word of caution for you: many homeowners have fallen prey of being seduced into buying incredibly expensive and ultimately faddish gym equipment for their garage or spare room. Just think of how many vibrating dumbbells, ab belts, ab cradles and other relics of the body fitness industry that are dumped in stores and attics, never to be used or see the light of day ever again. In this article, we shall show you a good way of constructing your personal workout space. However, you must first ask yourself this critical question: Is this the right idea for me?

Having your personal home gym can be excellent for convenience, but it is not for everyone. There are people who draw positive workout motivation from the group environment as a social gym. Most enjoy the workout classes and find respite from working out in the gym chat. If you are one of these people, no matter how relaxing and convenient training in your basement might sound, it is probably not your thing. There are people who are comfortable training alone while others aren’t.

Now think about your home life. Do you have kids who are just growing? If that is the case, installing the best fitness machines for home workouts could help you exercise without being away from your family. This could also be divisive: for you to have the most effective workout, you must create a space and period that is entirely free from distraction and disruption.

If you think it is a good idea to install the best fitness machines for home workouts, here is what you need to take into account.


Building and setting up a home gym doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Many people often waste lots of cash on unnecessary multi gyms, cardio equipment, and overly expensive specialist products that quite honestly are not fundamentally useful in commercial gyms, let alone your personal home workout space. There is no reason as to why you shouldn’t create a fully functional gym that will outlive you for between $1000 and $2000. There are numerous platforms where you can buy used gym equipment, like classified ads, where you can pick up fitness machines for less than half the price you would have paid for a new machine.

Always bear in mind that your gym will evolve with time so just begin with the most basic equipment then watch out for any upgrades you might need. And when the time and price is just right, you can make the additions.

The Atmosphere

This is arguably the most exciting part of creating your home gym. Take time to think about the things that motivate you and work towards filling your space with all the paraphernalia that is going to help you visualize what you’re trying to become. Try to tailor your environment to your specific personality so that every time you step into the gym, you will train your subconscious mind to prepare you for some hard work and success.

Essential Equipment

Once you’ve decided to set up your home gym in your garage or basement, you need to prepare a list of the essential equipment you will need. While the list of best fitness machines for home exercises is endless, here is a list of the most fundamental workout equipment you will need.

1. The Barbell and Plate Set

This is arguably the most essential piece of gym equipment you will need for that home gym and will serve as the foundation for most of your workouts. With the barbell set, the range of exercises you can perform is vast, from lunges, deadlift, bench press, power cleans, barbell row, and squats just to mention but a few. You should easily find all sorts of plates and sets for sale online including several second-hand bargains.

2. Bench

If you’re to get the most of your barbell sets, you will naturally need a bench. It is advisable to go for second-hand commercial bench rather than a new one since the latter comes apart and rips quickly if it is of low quality. It is desirable to look for a bench with the incline and decline functionality: you will probably not need these quite often, but if you’re looking to have a split bodybuilding session, this feature will come in handy.

3. The Flooring

Flooring is an essential aspect of planning your home gym. Proper flooring will not only make your equipment last longer but also help minimize the sound coming from your gym. It is advisable to go for a commercial grade foam flooring since it is durable and affordable.

4. Spin Bike

If you are so much into low-intensity heart rate workouts, getting out of the house to walk would be a good option but doing it in the house is even better. Sitting on the spinning bike as you watch your favorite TV show or listen to a podcast could be the best way to kill two birds with a single stone.

Takeaway Message

Once you have bought the best fitness machines for home workouts and set up your home gym, you will probably be good to go. But before you can even start working out, it is vital that you get your technique right. Since you will be training all by yourself, there will be no one to monitor your technique and warn you if you’re putting your body at risk of injury. If you’re uncertain about any exercises in your regime, have a session with a seasoned trainer to show you how to go about your workouts so that you will not pick up injuries when exercising on your own.