The Smart Way to Work Out- The Life Fitness F1 Treadmill

The innovative Life Fitness F1 Treadmill combines the convenience of a fold away design with the level of functionality and sturdy design that you expect to find in only professional gymnasium equipment. The patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System used by the running surface reduces impact on your joints and back, allowing you to exercise for longer with less fatigue. This ergonomic design is backed up by a user friendly control console that gives you complete control over the operation of the L1 Treadmill at your fingertips even while you are running.

The Life Fitness F1 Treadmill has been designed in the same biomechanics labs that produce their professional range of fitness equipment and has been tested to the most exacting standards for continued quality performance and durability. The ergonomically designed running surface has been demonstrated to reduce impact by as much as 30% compared to running on a non shock absorbing surface. This not only reduces the fatigue of exercising but also decreases the chances of sustaining an injury. Unlike many of these sorts of machines the footprint of the L1 Treadmill is a compact 77″x34″ that will fit into most domestic settings and the fold up running surface makes it easy to store.

The maximum speed of 10 mph and range of incline of up to 12% provides a wide range of intensity options and can all be controlled quickly and easily via the intuitive control panel. This smart unit also includes 7 programs and when your workout is finished can be put into an economical energy saver mode with the touch of a single button. The staff at the six Fitness Expo showrooms are qualified to take you over the range of workout monitoring features, including the speed, distance and incline as well as heart rate monitoring and a calorie counter so that you can understand how to get the most out of the F1 Treadmill. You can also visit the Life Fitness website and design your own individual workout routines that can then be loaded into the control console via USB to help you to get the perfect workout to reach your own individual fitness goals.