Choosing the Right Spin Bike for Your Home

Choosing the Right Spin Bike for Your Home

Choosing the perfect spin bike that fits exactly for you is not easy. There are many spin bikes available in the market today that seem perfect and have all the right features and look but how can you know that it is the bike for you? How to choose a spin bike for your home that you know you will love and enjoy?

From the world of spin bikes, it is easy to get lost from the many shiny and popular bikes of Peloton, or the high-end and affordable bikes at NordicTracks and the ever classic Schwinns bikes, how can you possibly choose the spin bike that is exact for your fitness level, fits right at the space available in your home and is perfect for your budget.

What is the difference between a recumbent or upright bike? How can you know that you are paying the right price for the bike and what must-have features do you need for your spin bike? Here’s what you need to know.

Spin Bike 101: The Basics of Buying

In buying a spin bike, there are 5 ways in which you can get a bike for your home.

There are spin-style indoor cycle bikes, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, air bikes (dual action bikes), and bike trainers which are bikes that are okay for outdoor use.

In a typical spin bike here are 6 basic features you must now in order to get used to your bike:

  1. 1. Flywheel

    A flywheel is a big feature of an exercise bike and is often called the “heart” of a spin bike. It’s the big round disc-shaped mechanical device located at the front of an exercise bike that is used to store rotational energy and ensures smooth operation.

    A flywheel is connected to the pedals through a chain or a belt drive. As you pedal the flywheel rotates and it usually weighs around 30-50 pounds.

  2. 2. Saddle

    As the name suggests, the saddle is where you sit on the spin bike. Saddles on a bike can vary based on their function as there are saddles that are long and narrow, usually called performance saddles and plush saddles that generally have a softer and thicker padding and cushion and are wider than performance saddles.

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  3. 3. Pedals

    Like on a normal bicycle, the pedals are where you placed your feet. Some pedals on bikes might be stripped to the bare minimum and others can have other add-ons such as a loop or cage so that your feet stay securely in place.

    Other bikes that have special functions have specialized foot pedals that require a certain kind of shoe for it to be placed on.

  4. 4. Resistance

    In spin bikes there is more than one kind of resistance, if you already know of the Peloton bikes they have the magnetic resistance in which they have two magnets located at the opposite sides at the top of the flywheel that generates resistance.

    There is also resistance called friction, which is also commonly known, for this, wool or rubber pads are placed on top of or on either side of the flywheel. As you twist the tension knob, the pads clamp down on the flywheel, which increases the resistance.

    Besides those two, there is the strap-based resistance in which the strap is attached to the flywheel so if you want more resistance, the strap should be tightened.

  5. 5. Display

    Most spin bikes have a display, usually LED or touchscreen, that allows you to see your pedaling speed, workout time, estimated calories burned, and your heart rate. There are displays on bikes that show the basics, some in color and not and some bikes do not have any displays at all.

    If you like a spin bike that has all the cool features such as a bike display or touch screen features, some even have wifi accessibility that allows you to connect a tablet or phone where you can ride and exercise with other people.

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  6. 6. Connected Fitness Programming

    The best bikes have the feature wherein you can connect with another rider or riders wherever else in the world. This type of connectivity can vary between different models of bike or brand. This means that a bike can be connected to wifi so that you can watch a live spin class with a real class instructor and ride your bike at the same time.

    This feature is also handy if you want to really keep a record of your spin bike achievements and keep track of what you have accomplished so far. However, bikes with this type of feature are usually on the pricier end of the spin bike spectrum.

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