Spinning Classes for Toner Muscles!

Spinning Classes for Toner Muscles!

If you wish to tone those muscles, burn a lot of calories, and boost your metabolism by cycling but you can’t due to off-season, spinning classes or indoor cycling is the next best way to get into that energetic workout. Spinning classes were invented by martial artist and ultra-endurance cyclist, Jonathan Goldberg in the 1980s.  In 1989, he opened his own first spinning studio or spinning classes venue in Santa Monica, CA.

Spinning Classes: Overview
There are a lot of interesting things that you can expect from a spinning class. A Spinning class is a group indoor cycling activity. Nowadays, most spinning classes are held in gyms. It is usually a room or a studio made especially for spinning classes. Upon entering the studio, you will see specialized stationary bikes lined up, and another stationary bicycle in front for the instructor. Lights are dimmed and up-beat music such as dance or rock is on med-high volume. When the session starts, together with your spinning mates, you will be getting commands from the instructor, and will go along with the rhythm and beat of the music as well. Through the course of the spinning class, the instructor will be asking you to go faster or slower or ask you to imagine that you are going up or jumping on a hill, and change positions depending on the phase you are in. And so with that, you would try to cope, spin faster and exert more effort. This mechanic is being utilized to motivate the participants and make them appreciate what they are doing.

There are different phases that one has to go through in a session. There are actually five core movements in a spinning program. The first is the Seated flat or the warm-up phase, comes next is the Standing flat or the running phase; next is what they call the Jumps or the lifts, and then last are the climbs, the Seated Climb and the Standing Climb. These phases are like the movements in actual outdoor cycling. They work on different parts of your body just like how outdoor cycling does. The whole session lasts for about 30 to 75 minutes.

Now, the effectiveness of this exercise will only be dependent on the dedication of the individual to the program. This activity is an intensive and productive workout so one will really manage to achieve their goals if done properly and consistently. In spinning classes, you can freely choose the program you want to take. It is also for all levels of exercisers so even beginners or even pros can take the classes. Everything will be dependent on how one will work so do your best to get the best.

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