Stairmaster SC 916 – Climb Your Way to Better Legs

Since they first went on the market in the 1980s, Stairmasters have become a standard cardio workout machine that provides excellent endurance training. Stair climbing is among the best cardiovascular exercises that any of us can do, and its low impact nature makes it perfect for beginners or people who are just starting to build their fitness. Its focus on the lower body also makes it an effective method of toning the muscles and improving the overall shape of your legs.

Many stair climbers are large machines with rotating steps, and so they are difficult to fit into a domestic exercise space. The small footprint of the StairMaster SC 916, which, at only 27” by 43,” will fit into almost any domestic space makes this machine a sensible choice for your home. This is because it uses an innovative, patented, independent pedal geometry that uses four-bar linkages to maintain the level of the pedals. This gives the action of the SC 916 a biomechanically correct movement that greatly reduces the impact on your knees and ankles. You can also give Stairmaster 8 FreeClimber that happens to be space-friendly.

The integrated workout programs provided with the SC 916 offer ten complete exercise routine styles, including fat and calorie burners, speed and heart rate intervals, and variations in intensity so that the development of your regime can keep pace with your increasing level of fitness. The results are easily monitored through the built-in LCD monitor, that provides feedback on every aspect of your exercise regime including counting your steps, calculating the calories that you’ve burned, and the duration and intensity of your individual workouts. It offers a speed range from 26 to 174 steps per minute, to cater to every level of intensity, and the 300 lb. maximum user weight and convenient, ergonomically designed side handrails make it a suitable machine for every kind of user. The experienced showroom staff at Fitness Expo can show you through all of the functionality, and help you plan an exercise routine with the StairMaster SC 916 that is tailored to your individual needs, whether you want to find a low impact exercise to burn calories or want to climb your way to fantastic legs.