StairMaster SC 916 – Climb Your Way to Better Legs

StairMaster SC 916 – Climb Your Way to Better Legs

StairMaster machines are legendary as a great way to get into better shape. You have the low-impact exercise of walking instead of running on a treadmill, and you achieve more of a workout for your legs and heart than from walking on a flat surface. StairMaster users swear by their machines, and there is a lot to love about the SC 916.

The 916 is one of the more compact StairMaster models available. With a smaller footprint than other models, along with a cordless construction, it can fit into almost any home or home gym without cluttering up your exercise space.

This machine offers some good programming options to help you get a variety of good workouts. 10 core programs allow you to pick the one best suited to your need, and rotating through them a day at a time keeps you from getting bored or hitting a plateau too quickly. No matter if your goal is heart health, calorie burning, fat busting or stronger legs, there is a workout for you in these programs. The kind of high-intensity, short-duration workout offered by a climbing machine like this is sure to have you looking toned in next to no time.

Wireless heart rate monitoring allows you to judge the effect of your workouts, and keeping an eye on this over time can help you gauge your progress as you continue working out in the long term. Furthermore, the workout is designed to be biomechanically correct – it uses the natural motion of your body instead of forcing you to move awkwardly to get the best effect. This reduces strain and improves the results of your workout at the same time. The alternator-controlled engine keeps the motions smooth, preventing sudden jarring shocks as it switches intensity.

Fitness Expo staff are fully trained in the use of all their machines for sale, as well as in biomechanics, body types, and exercise particulars. They can help you determine the best use of the StairMaster SC 916 for your needs, as well as demonstrating its many features for you. For a demonstration, come by any of our stores, including locations in Jackson, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Metairie or Kenner.