Step Up Your Fitness Game With These Home Gym Equipment This 2020

Step Up Your Fitness Game With These Home Gym Equipment This 2020

The pandemic this 2020 has helped us realize many things. It has also challenged us to adapt to unforeseen events. 

The same goes for our fitness goals and even the concept of “gyms”. If we can bring our work and hobbies at home, then we can bring home our gym equipment too.

FAQs About Home Gyms and Equipment For Exercise

Home gyms and equipment are helping fit exercising to our daily routines better. 

There are fewer reasons now why we can miss working out.

 This is because it’s accessible and more personalized for individual use. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing Exercising Equipment

Investing in equipment is easier once you know how to choose the right ones. Here are the basic things that can influence your home gym equipment choices.

  1. Your Fitness Goals – This is an important decision that you need to start with. What are you trying to achieve with your home gym? Setting fitness goals can also help you stay motivated and pumped to use your home gym more. If you are after doing what you do at the gym, you can recreate that as you are working out at home.
  2. Your Space For A Home Gym – Gyms have big and wide spaces that is why they can fit all kinds of equipment there. One constraint that you would have to remember about home gyms is space. You might dedicate a small space of a room or even your basement. Lifehack suggests that multi-gym types of equipment might need up to 200 square feet. Free weights might need up to 50 square feet of space. A 30 square feet space will work for equipment like treadmills.

Categories Of Equipment For Exercise

Categories Of Equipment For Exercise | Fitness Expo Stores

Exercises target specific fitness features. 

You can base your choice of home gym equipment based on what exercise you are doing.

  • Bodyweight Resistance: Muscle strength is the focus as you use your own bodyweight. These are simple and effective that even beginners can adapt this to their workouts. This includes band and tubes, fitness balls.
  • Weight Lifting: Barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells are free weights that help shape muscles. There are bigger machines with stack and plate-loaded mechanisms.
  • Cardio Workouts: Cardio exercises help target the heart and lungs. This helps improve our health. You can choose from treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes or elliptical machines.

Get These Home Gym Equipment This 2020

Here is a list of home gym equipment that will help you increase your fitness within the comfort of your home. Make sure to choose quality equipment from trusted dealers and fitness shops.

Dumbbell Set

You will never run out of exercises that you can do with this home gym equipment. Dumbbells aid in isolation and can help with lifting that is not possible with barbells. 

There are many choices, from different shapes, sizes, and even material. You can invest in 3 to 5 sets of weights for different workouts. 

Barbell Set

Barbells provide great stabilization to any workout that you perform for strength. 

There are available barbells for women’s home gym equipment. Find quality and sturdy barbells instead of cheap ones that corrode fast.

Kettlebell Set

Do not overlook this equipment. They add variety to workouts and are very simple even for beginners. You can buy one kettlebell and use it for stamina and strength training. 

Men can start with a 45-50 pounds kettlebell and women can go with 30-35 pounds kettlebell.

Battle Ropes

These ropes are essential for conditioning your body. You can attach battle ropes to your racks so you can use them well. As you work out with ropes, you build stamina and help your heart. 

Squat Rack

Investing in a squat rack will go a long way. A home gym means that you have no one to spot you as you lift weights. 

This can lead to serious injuries and accidents. A durable and quality rack will help prevent these risks. Lifting will be more efficient and effective.

Racks also help you integrate more equipment for exercise. 

Look for a rack that has a built-in pull-up bar. This will help you save more money and space instead of buying a separate pull-up frame and bar.


Categories Of Equipment For Exercise | Fitness Expo Stores

A treadmill is a must-have home workout equipment. 

It is a piece of great cardio equipment that has endless options. If you have a limited budget for a treadmill, you can even look for used ones. 

There are even foldable ones that are great for home gyms with tight spaces. You can also look for treadmills that have different speeds and inclines. Other brands have heart rate monitoring or other add-ons.

Stationary Bicycle

If you are looking for a more low impact cardio training, you can get on a stationary bike. This can also help get the heart rate up for those with knee problems like older or people. 

Rowing Machine

This home gym equipment is another option for low-impact cardio workouts. The rowing machine introduces a total body workout for your legs, upper body, and core. 

With this workout machine, you are bound to lose more calories! This can be the best home gym equipment for those looking for a whole-body exercise.

Fitness Ball

This is one of the best home exercise equipment for beginners and even advanced workouts. The fitness ball is popular for being effective for core exercises. You can do a lot for stability exercises like bicep curls or plank knee tucks. 


There is other home workout equipment that you can add to your home gym setup. Accessories increase the intensity and variety of exercises you usually do. Resistance bands and tubes are great to target different parts of your body. 

Rollout wheels can help build your abs while a wooden bar can aid as you stretch your upper body. 

Having a home gym with the right equipment will pay off in the long run. This will help you to incorporate fitness into your daily routine and lifestyle. In choosing equipment for exercise, look for function, quality, and price.