Stop Overlooking Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment and Start Achieving Your Fitness Goals in Kenner

Stop Overlooking Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment and Start Achieving Your Fitness Goals in Kenner

Since the first stair stepper was invented by engineers Lanny Potts, Jim Walker, and George Schupp in Oklahoma in 1985, thereby founding StairMaster in the process, there has been an interesting cycle taking place with stair stepper exercise machines.

It seems like every handful of years, the stair stepper machine goes out of style and a bunch of “Fitness gurus” claim that these machines are dead, that nobody should use them. However, the sheer effectiveness of these machines keeps swarms of people climbing a never-ending series of stairs to help them achieve more than a few of their fitness and weight loss goals.

Whether the Kenner stair stepper exercise equipment is used to burn fat, gain muscle, or promote endurance, these machines are far from passe, whether or not some self-proclaimed guru on TV says so.

Kenner Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment is Still Recognized as Top-tier Workout Equipment

At Fitness Expo stores like the one in Kenner, stair stepper exercise equipment is seen for the incredible cardiovascular and muscular workouts that they offer to users. Even a cheap stair stepper provides a remarkable workout that is hard to beat as far as workout machines are concerned.

And depending on the type of workout or the fitness goals that you have in mind, a stair stepper exercise machine is arguably the single best fitness-related purchase you could make, especially if you are not a fan of going to the gym or working out in front of other people.

Easily Hit Cardio Goals in Kenner with Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment

Regardless of your ultimate target when it comes to working out, you are going to want to include cardio in those efforts. Currently, the suggested amount of moderate cardio every week from the National Institutes of Health is two and a half hours. That can be lowered to an hour and 15 minutes if the exercise is intense.

Both of these weekly goals can be achieved with even a cheap stair stepper machine. Fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, at as brisk a pace as you can manage can help you meet the intense goal, while thirty minutes at a comfortable pace on a stair stepper exercise machine will get you to the moderate cardio goal.

Furthermore, since stair steppers like the Stairmaster 8 Freeclimber simulate, well, climbing, they are excellent at getting your heart pumping faster than the less challenging exercises you might receive on most treadmills or elliptical machines.

Stair Stepper Machines Also Promote Muscle Growth

Where stair stepper machines really separate themselves from ellipticals and treadmills is the fact that they help users build muscle mass while hitting those cardio goals. Running might use muscles to help propel forward momentum, but those exercises don’t have any kind of lifting associated with them beyond sustaining horizontal balance. In other words, your muscles work to keep you from falling down.

On the other hand, since a stair stepper exercise machine such as the Stairmaster 8 Gauntlet simulates climbing, your legs and body are working to lift the whole of your body weight over and over again, and on one leg at a time. In essence, you are combining one-legged squats with the cardio benefits of that aforementioned forward momentum. As far as exercise equipment is concerned, there isn’t much on the market that can compete with that, though rowing machines are also rather impressive in their ability to help hit both cardio and muscle building goals.

Shedding Calories and Losing Weight with a Stair Stepper Machine

Because of its combined effectiveness in cardio and muscle growth, these machines offer a great way to burn calories, and that is whether using a top-tier stair stepper or a cheap stair stepping machine. A 200-pound male using a stair stepper machine at a comfortable pace for thirty minutes will burn roughly 288 calories. Used daily, and not pushing yourself to insane levels, you would lose about 2.5 pounds a month with a stair stepping machine.

While caloric intake would also have to remain steady, which can be difficult for those who are new to working out, the weight loss from a stair stepping machine does not require fasting or completely changing your diet. Instead, using these machines as part of or wholly for your workouts means achieving results rarely found on other machines while giving your fat-burning efforts a boost in efficacy.

If you are in Kenner, stair stepper exercise equipment is available right around the corner at Fitness Expo Stores. Contact us today to learn more about the options available to you.