Next Stop… Tour de France

Elliptigo Arc

Well, maybe not the Tour de France—there are a quite a few steps between a home exercise bike and the most competitive bike race in the world. But for everyday fitness goals, the exercise cycle is a tried-and-true performer. There’s a reason these guys have been so popular for so long in home gyms.


Probably the biggest benefit you can reap from an exercise bike is its flexibility: No matter where you yourself live, you can hit any terrain you desire on a stationary bike. You’d never guess this, but variations on the stationary bike theme have been around since the late 1700s, and by now they come in an almost bewildering variety of styles. There are now recumbent exercise bikes (so it looks like you’re almost lying down), and a lot of them are even coming with television screens.


Fitness Expo carries a wide range of exercise cycles, from the Vision E1500 and R1500 with your choice of three consoles (simple, deluxe, premier) to Precor’s RBK recumbent models. These come with the full range of settings that you’d expect from gym equipment, and ventilated recumbent seats that adjust easily with one hand—you don’t even have to stop the bike. If you’re ready to take “stationary” biking to the next level, get your hands on an ElliptiGO. It’s made for street riding, so it doesn’t just live in the living room, but you pedal it with the same long pedals found on stationary elliptical machines, not standard bike pedals. The 3C is best for use on flat surfaces when you don’t need a wide variety of resistance options, but the 8C gives you eight resistance levels that let you simulate running, sprinting, and climbing hills, all while just riding a bike.


Fitness Expo has stores around Louisiana and even one in Jackson, Mississippi, so you have no excuse for not stopping by and checking out our exercise bike options. Our friendly expert staff can walk you through bikes in all price ranges, and we won’t let you leave until you’re comfortable that you understand your new cycle and you’ll be riding it for years to come.