Strength Training With V-Express Gym

Strength Training With V-Express Gym

Doing strength training at home is now easier than ever thanks to the features offered by the V-Express Gym. The V-Express Gym offers a number of all-in-one strength training exercises while having a design that is compact. If you have limited space, you can still get a full strength training workout at home. From the arms to the legs, check and back, the V-Express Gym will ensure that you get a high quality strength training workout.


Flexible Press Arm and Back Pad


The press arm of the V-Express Gym will allow you to do exercise movements in three dimensions. You will be able to do exercises that require you to perform them while flat, at an incline, at a decline or on the fly. In addition, the back pad of the device will pivot in order to offer enhanced upper body support with each exercise. As you perform the exercises, the seat will also adjust to allow for fast positioning to get ready to perform the next exercise.


Multi-function Roller Pad


Strength training exercises must be done with proper form in order to be effectively. The multi-function roller pad of the V-Express Gym will guarantee that the exercise is done with the correct alignment. This feature helps to prevent injury and makes exercises such as leg extensions and standing leg curls possible.




The V-Express Gym offers a pulley system that is designed to offer a greater range of motion when it comes to strength training exercises. In addition, the cables will last longer thanks to the design. The V-Express Gym has pulleys at several stations: the high, mid and low areas.


Easy to Store


The compact design of the V-Express Gym makes it easy to store the exercise machine because it requires only a small amount of floor space. This means that you will still have plenty of room when the home gym is not in use and your room won’t look cluttered. The V-Express Gym even includes an accessory rack so that you can store all of the associated accessories for the V-Express Gym with ease.


Strength training at home is easy to do with the V-Express Gym. This compact workout equipment will make getting a great workout at home hassle-free. The V-Express also makes it possible for fitness enthusiast to create their own strength training workouts. With the various stations available, a strength training workout plan can be developed to have more variety. Now strength training at home can be fun and exciting in addition to getting a great workout for the areas that need additional attention.


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