Supercharge your exercise program with the F1 Smart Treadmill

Supercharge your exercise program with the F1 Smart Treadmill

Are you preparing for the second annual Race to the Lake in Kenner, Louisiana? If so, stop by the Fitness Expo store, conveniently located in town. Our friendly staff are knowledgeable about the newest exercise equipment to help you prepare for any athletic event or just to help you lose a few pounds.

Our staff can help you choose the best equipment for you and your goals. Such as the F1 Smart Treadmill from LifeFitness. The treadmill folds for convenient storage out of the way if your space is limited. It also has an energy saver button, which reduces energy used by the machine by 90% when not in use. That is an excellent way to keep your machine plugged in, and save you money at the same time. The energy saver button wakes your machine from sleep mode to fully functional so you never have to wait to begin your workout.

The F1 Smart Treadmill comes with the ability to create unique workouts on the LifeFitness connect website. You can transfer them from the website via USB to your treadmill. If you do not want to create your own workout, you can choose from recommended programs and you can also connect with “buddies” for a complete support system.

What is better than a good, sweat-building workout? A good, sweat-building workout with music! Connect your iPod to the console for musical accompaniment to your workout. Create a playlist that will inspire you the most throughout your entire run on the treadmill. The console also has controls for speed, pause/resume, stop and incline. And for your convenience, the controls are ergonomically placed for ease of access, so everything, including your controls for your iPod. The best part of the console system is the GoSystem Quick Start feature that remembers your program for walk, jog and run.

The Patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System makes the use of the F1 Smart Treadmill less painful and jarring on your knees and feet. Your joints are jarred approximately 30% less than other systems, or running on non-cushioned streets. This system makes it less likely for you to receive any injuries while running or walking on the treadmill.

The F1 Smart Treadmill is not designed for use in a brick and mortar gym. It has been designed with the home gym exclusively in mind. Most any home gym can be enhanced by the different color schemes available for the treadmill. You don’t have to worry about your children being hurt if they try to use the equipment, since a child safety lock comes with each one. And even better, the motor system is quiet so you can workout at any time of the day or night.

To top off the great features of this treadmill, a built-in reading rack lets you read the current magazine or best-selling novel while you running off those extra pounds, or preparing for the next marathon.

At Fitness Expo, we can’t wait to help you select the right exercise equipment for you. We look forward to meeting you.