Taking Care of Your Exercise Equipment

Taking Care of Your Exercise Equipment

You’ve invested hundreds (or thousands) of dollars into your Metairie home fitness equipment. Do you know how to care for your new exercise equipment?

Exercise equipment requires regular care and maintenance to function properly. Usage, humidity, and dirt can all interfere with proper function.

Tips and Tricks for a Long-Lasting Workout Machine

Below, we’ve shared some tips for caring for your Metairie exercise equipment at home. If you’d like more tips or have a specific question, feel free to ask one of our experts at Fitness Expo Stores or give us a call at 504-826-8775 and one of our friendly and experienced support professionals will get you the information you need.

Prevent fades, spots, and smells with regular cleaning

If you’re exercising properly, you’re likely sweating – a lot. Even if you’re not sweating, when you handle your exercise equipment you transfer oils and bacteria from your hands and legs onto equipment.

If your machine has faux-leather seats, padded handles, or stainless steel components, these elements could absorb oil and germs, developing spots, generating odors or becoming discolored over time. Additionally, the salt from sweat can break down protective coating on these finishes. Bacteria growing on these surfaces will start to smell, too. If you don’t want your equipment to fade or stink, carefully wipe it off with a warm, damp cloth after each workout.

Re-seal and polish regularly

Even a damp cloth won’t counteract all the effects of salt, spilled energy drinks, oil, dirt, and other transferred chemicals. In order to keep your machine looking (and performing) like new, use a mild dish soap to wipe down all surfaces every couple weeks. You may also want to consider spraying the seats with furniture wax to keep dirt and salt out of the fabric.

Tighten all nuts, bolts, and screws

Once a month, take a few tools out of your toolbox and tighten all the fastenings on your machines. Excessive motion and strain may loosen bolts and screws – and there are few things worse than a machine collapse mid-workout.

Nuts, bolts, and screws come loose more frequently on some machines than with others. If your Metairie at-home fitness equipment includes an exercise bike, such as the Vision V-Series Indoor Cycle, you may want to check its fastenings more frequently. These machines undergo unusual amounts of torque and strain, which makes them more prone to loose fittings.

Lubricate your weight machines

If you’ve noticed your weight machine sticking or squeaking lately, it may be time to lubricate it. Lubrication reduces friction between metal parts on your equipment. Extensive friction can result in paint and finishes wearing down prematurely. Humidity can also cause your at-home fitness equipment to rust once finishes are gone. Friction and associated degradation aren’t only eyesores, they can lead to mechanical failure down the road if not properly addressed early on.

If you have WD40 in your home, you can spray a small amount at the lubrication points for your machine to keep it well-oiled. Other products can be used, but consult your user’s manual before trying them: some machines can only be lubricated with oil, while others should never be lubricated with oil. Some will tolerate silicone-based lubricant, while others won’t. Know what your machine needs before starting your maintenance.

Check the driving belt or other components

Do you have an elliptical, like the Horizon Evolve 5 Elliptical? Does your workout room include a treadmill? If you’ve recently noticed slipping during exercise on your cardio machine, the driving belt may be overstretched.

The drive belt connects the moving pieces of the machine to two wheels, which rotate at a constant speed. It provides resistance, ensures smooth movement, and keeps everything in line. Consult your device manual for specific instructions on finding your driving belt.

Sometimes, a driving belt can’t be tightened: in these cases, you’ll need to replace it. Talk with our experts at Fitness Expo Stores if you believe your driving belt needs to be replaced. We’ll help you order the correct part and install it safely, so you can get back to your regular exercise routine.

If you notice slipping during exercise, check the driving belt right away. Slipping can cause major injuries and should not be ignored.

Never Use Harsh Cleaners

While this isn’t a specific tip, it’s important to mention: exercise equipment should never be cleaned with harsh cleaners, such as bleach, ammonia, or abrasive materials. The finishes and materials of exercise equipment were not made to handle these types of chemicals.

The exception to this rule is dumbbells and medicine balls. These should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes on a regular basis. Many disinfectant wipes use bleach to kill germs – the bleach in basic disinfectant wipes won’t hurt these types of equipment. Be sure to allow the weights to dry completely before using again, as the bleach won’t finish its work until it’s completely dry.

Final Thoughts: Fit for life

Foregoing maintenance can place you and your family at risk for slips, falls, broken machinery, and more. A poorly-maintained fitness machine may result in more hazards than health benefits and can land you in the hospital after a simple workout. Caring for your machines is more than good practice – it’s a safety precaution.

Exercise equipment is an investment. When you know how to maintain your machines, they can last for years to come. You’ll be able to build your home gym with at-home fitness equipment one piece at a time, measure your progress, and teach your children to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By caring for your workout equipment, you protect your future health and fitness.

For more information on caring for your equipment, give us a call or visit our exercise equipment store in Metairie, Louisiana. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and get you started on your journey towards well-maintained machinery.