The Ten Hottest Summer Workout Songs

The Ten Hottest Summer Workout Songs

When the summertime and swimsuit weather arrives, everyone gets more body conscious. Use a home workout machine plus great summery music to find the motivation you need to improve your overall fitness.

California Girls

Think of summer on the beach while you take an imaginary seaside walk on your treadmill to “California Girls”. This one will warm you up gently for the burn to come.

Welcome to the Jungle

It’s a rock ‘n roll summer safari when you work out on the home gym to “Welcome to the Jungle” and take it to the next level. Raise the bar with a higher gear on the elliptical or incline the treadmill one more notch for the ultimate workout.

All Summer Long

Think of the lazy days of summer and keep a steady pace on the treadmill or stair stepper listening to “All Summer Long.”

Gin and Juice

Roll down the summer streets while you stroll on the treadmill soaking up the sounds of “Gin and Juice.”

Summer Wind

A workout on the elliptical machine or rowing machine is even better when you feel the sounds of “Summer Wind” float by.


The jazzy sounds of “Summertime” keep you going at a steady pace during a smooth workout on an adaptive motion trainer.

Electric Avenue

Rock on down to “Electric Avenue” while you build up your pace on the treadmill or stair stepping machine.

Sunshine and Summertime

“Sunshine and Summertime” says it all while you keep pumping on the home gym or elliptical machine.

Walkin’ on Sunshine

Start “Walkin’ on Sunshine” during your summery stroll on the treadmill to this feel-good classic. Ironically enough, the video was filmed in England, not known for its summers!

Party Rock Anthem

Get your summer party started with a fast-paced treadmill or rowing machine workout to “Party Rock Anthem.”

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