The 5 Best Treadmills for Beginners

The 5 Best Treadmills for Beginners

Treadmills are a great way to have exercise in your home or in a gym, especially for beginners.

Walking or jogging on a treadmill seems fairly easy enough to do as a daily exercise routine for a beginner.

They’re also excellent if you want to do at least 10 minutes of exercise in your busy daily schedule.

Beginner-Friendly But Powerful Treadmills That You Must Try

We compiled the five best treadmills that beginners can use for simple to intense workouts.

If you are a beginner to working out and are currently interested in investing in a brand-new treadmill to boost your cardiovascular endurance but don’t know where to start all about treadmills, keep on reading.

Best Treadmills that Beginners can use-Fitnessexpostores.comTreadmills can be found almost anywhere, one can acquire the equipment online or in a fitness store.

The pandemic made stay at home workouts more essential than ever. Whether you want to opt for  a 30-minute treadmill workout or want all the key features, here are the best treadmills for any beginner.

Incline, Weight, Price–What Else Should You Look for in a Treadmill?

Regardless of your fitness level, a treadmill depends on what you need to work on and what it offers.

Here are some specific factors you need to look for:

  • Warranty on frame
  • Preset programs – Does the gym equipment have a built-in LCD screen? A heart monitor? Does it record your speed/heart rate in real time?
  • Max speed/speed range – does it have an adjustable speed? What are the buttons for speed?
  • Levels of incline
  • Your price range
  • Integration (optional) – If you want to enhance your workout experience, you can look for treadmills that allow you to connect to your favorite fitness apps.
  • Extras/additional features (bottle holders, cushioned deck/cushioned running deck)

Check out our post treadmill shopping guide.

Beginners should also consider the incline of the treadmill if they want to have a rigorous workout and love a challenge in their run.

Also, aside from the treadmill itself, they should consider specs such as calorie counts, warranty or wearing a heart rate monitor strap.

What is the Best Treadmill for Beginners?

1. Best treadmill for value

Horizontal Fitness T202

The Horizon Fitness T202 is the best combination of price and features thus, getting the value from the price. If you want something small and not bulky, this is for you at just 20 x 55 inches and powered by a modest 2.25 CHP motor, but it still offers the essential specs that even a beginner will probably want, such as speeds up to 10 mph and an incline up to 10%.

2. Best smart treadmill

Echelon Stride

The Echelon Stride is smart yet powerful. It has a large touchscreen with Bluetooth and is so convenient that with a press of a button it can fold up for easy storage.

It only has a 1.75 CHP motor, but it can manage a top speed of 12 mph and has a maximum incline of 10.

3. Best treadmill for tall and big users

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

The NordicTrack Treadmill comes with smart technology as well as Bluetooth and comes with one year of iFit. The treadmill has a capacity of 300 pounds.

4. Best treadmill for planned workouts

NordicTrack T 9.5 S Interactive Trainer Treadmill

This treadmill is best if you want to have interaction and guided workouts in your exercise routine at an affordable price. It has Bluetooth and an app that lets you connect to iFit.

The treadmill has a 3.6 CHP motor and the belt is padded with NordicTrack’s FlexSelect Cushioning that helps stimulate a real running experience while decreasing the impact on your joints.

5. Best treadmill for walkers

Sole F80

The Sole F80 is a top-rated pick for those who prefer to walk in their workouts. It has a wide 22-inch belt that’s double-woven with a one-inch cushion flex, so your feet stay cushioned and comfortable, even on long walks.

What Speed Should a Beginner Run on a Treadmill?

When you are warming up, 2-3 mph is a great speed to start. If you are done with the warm-up and are up for a faster pace, 4-5 mph is like a fast walk or light jog, and over five mph is jogging or running.

How Long Should You Run on a Treadmill for Beginners?

For absolute beginners, it is recommended to warm up first for at least 10- minutes before going on the treadmill. The warm-up can be a simple one such as stretching your arms, body, and legs to get the heart pumping and the body temperature up.

Treadmill for

Then, on the treadmill you should start slow first, maybe having a slow to moderate walking pace at around 3mph or 4mph.

Then, if you feel ready, slowly increase the speed until you are almost to the point that you are out of breath.

30 minutes a day is a good way to start for beginners on their daily workout routine on the treadmill, coupled with the warm and cool-down exercises, a solid hour is good enough.


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