The 7 Most Common Exercise Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The 7 Most Common Exercise Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you are going to do workouts, then you better do them right. Research shows that around 13% of people suffer a work-out-related injury because of common exercises done wrong.

From developing a routine that is not giving you something new to work out your muscles to engage in the wrong routine with the wrong goals, you can still rectify them so that you can get back on your goal train.

So, if you are planning to make and get the most out of your workouts, take heed from experts’ advice on these most common exercise mistakes and how to avoid them:

Common Exercises Mistakes- Fitnessexpostores.comMistake 1: Overly Repetitive Routines

When you are enjoying a set of exercises, you may be tempted to focus solely on them and neglect other ways of working out.

The shortcoming in doing the same activities each time you exercise is that you always engage the same muscles and joints.

This scenario can lead to repetitive strain injury over time and make your workouts less effective.

Remedy: No matter how effective your initial training program is, switch up your workouts so that you can give your overworked muscles and joints time to rest and recover.

Create a workout plan that you can follow and stick for the whole week or month.

Challenge your mind and body by working for your muscle groups at different angles.

This will help prevent overuse injuries from developing.

Mistake 2: Wrong Form While Doing Workouts

Common Exercises Done Wrong- Fitnessexpostores.comOne of the most neglected rules in doing effective workouts is performing exercises with poor form or with an incorrect technique.

This is clearly a potential recipe for injury.

Remedy: Ensure that your form is on point before attempting to add more weight or progressing to the next stage of an exercise.

It will also help if you check in with a personal trainer who will correct you while you do your workouts.

Mistake 3: Wrong Way of Warming Up

Doing the wrong warm-up before your workouts can potentially inhibit your performance and increase your chances of injury.

Remember that warm-up exercises are as vital as the workout you do in your routine.

Remedy: Tailor your warm-up exercises to the specific activity that you are going to be performing.

This will help correctly prepare your muscles for the workout you will be doing. Doing dynamic stretching pre-workout instead of static stretches is best.

Mistake 4: Going All-Out All the Time

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and the ‘go hard or go home’ culture have created the wrong notion that you have to be exercising hard all the time so that you will see results.

However, doing too many high-intensity workouts without rest can really take a toll on your joints and muscles.

Remedy: Do alternate sessions with lower-intensity workouts like yoga, swimming, and cycling to minimize your risk of injury.

Mistake 5: Neglecting the Rest and Recover Phase

Home Workout Mistakes- Fitnessexpostores.comProper recovery and rest after any type of workout are essential for muscle growth and performance.

This is when your body repairs muscle tears and replenishes your energy reserves so you can get the most out of your next session.

Remedy: Take one or two days of rest before working for the same muscle groups. Consider foam rolling or hot and cold therapy to aid your recovery. You may also supplement with a product containing Copper, Calcium, and vitamin D.

Mistake 6: Only Exercising at the Gym

One common workout mistake is being stuck at the gym for workouts.

When you enroll in workout programs in the gym, you will have to deal with delays, a crowded gym, and using the time allotted for you.

Remedy: Enable yourself to exercise inconvenient places other than the gym, such as your own house, backyard, or nearby park.

Work out at home; it’s cheap (and you don’t have to worry about someone ogling you) and it pays to invest in fitness equipment rather than a monthly subscription at the gym.

You can work out more consistently, especially when you are getting waylaid by all the time-wasting temptations and inconveniences at a fitness gym.

Mistake 7: No Training Program

A well-structured workout plan is the beginning of being successful at achieving your fitness goals.

Without a fitness routine, you will not have a clear direction. You will get nowhere with no defined training program.

Remedy: Set small, achievable goals alongside your long-term ones, which will keep you motivated.

Your goals should focus on what you want to achieve in terms of your fitness. It’s important to allow your plan to be flexible, with backup options.

Get the Body You Want Without Hurting Yourself

Starting a new workout program, changing a fitness goal, or making a concerted effort to get your body in shape and achieve a physical milestone is a worthwhile endeavor.

But, some people make big workout mistakes that get them injured or waste their valuable time.

Learning and being aware of these home workout mistakes and how to avoid them will help you be fit, strong, and in shape, while you are reaching your fitness goals.


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