The Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

The Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

Exercise, in general, has numerous health benefits, including increased heart strength, weight loss, and decreased insulin resistance. Every exercise targets certain parts of our muscles and improves our overall health. As in the case of treadmill workouts, walking or running on a flat surface lessens stress while at the same time pumps our heart all day long.

Speaking of heart, treadmill exercises are also used to monitor an individual’s heart rate and blood pressure and they also benefit people with health problems. This information is useful enough to help them determine the amount of exercise they should be doing or when it’s time to stop. Below are the following benefits of treadmill exercise.

Good for the Heart

From the diagnosis of heart disease to other cardiac issues, treadmill exercises play a great role in keeping the heart in shape. Our bodies don’t show physical symptoms of heart disease and getting on the treadmill will help someone monitor their vital signs once their body is put under stress. Treadmill tests are often performed on patients that do not currently experience heart problems but show risks such as high cholesterol.

Treadmill workouts, aerobic exercises, and other forms of cardio are beneficial in our heart, helping with circulation. What’s more, aerobics protect the body from heart and blood vessel disease and help raise the good cholesterol levels.

Keeps Diabetes at Bay

Treadmills are also a great way to control insulin for type 2 diabetics. Regular exercise shows a decrease in sugar blood levels and along with dieting, can control diabetes symptoms. Make sure to consult your physician first before starting any exercise since going too intense can actually raise your sugar levels.

Exercising with a treadmill also helps balance glucose levels, improve sleep cycles, and keep the body stable.

Weight Loss

Walking or running on a treadmill helps burn calories, thus paving the road to weight loss. Walking for three and a half hours alone can burn at least 150 calories. The longer your run or walk, the more calories you burn. This also applies if you run faster.

Increase your calorie burn and intensity by adjusting your incline to 1 percent; this also mimics running outdoors. Adjusting these inclines can make a difference in how you walk or run, as well as the number of calories you burn.

Improves Mental and Emotional Health

Besides their physical benefits, treadmill exercises help release endorphins that greatly improve one’s entire well-being. It can also keep mental health ailments such as depression at bay and help both the body and mind relax. So every time you are in a slump, rev up your treadmill machine and start your exercise routine. You can also run or walk outdoors. Exercising and communing with nature can perk you up all day.

Buying a Treadmill Machine

Starting your cardio exercise at home means purchasing a treadmill machine; it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can always opt for used exercise machines or research on the best deals/discounts on your local fitness equipment store.

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