The Benefits of Using Powerblocks


Body workout can be done not only in gyms but also inside your home. And the best way to develop your biceps and triceps is through the use of weights. Away from the complicated rack of weights, dumbbells are easier to use.

The Basic Types of Dumbbells

Dumbbells have two basic types —  the fixed- and adjustable-weight dumbbells.

Fixed-weight dumbbells are the typical compact dumbbells that have a single weight. This type of dumbbell enables the person to do other exercises while lifting weights. Rack of dumbbells with different weights, which requires more space in your house and more money to spend, is recommended because the body has its conditioning level. You need to start at not-so-heavy dumbbells.

As time goes on, the strength and the capacity of the person to lift weights increases; thus, this requires the person to lift a heavier dumbbell.

On the other hand, adjustable-weight dumbbells are dumbbells in which the weight can be adjusted.  This saves money and space, but sometimes, they are difficult to adjust and larger in size and loosens quickly.


Powerblocks are adjustable dumbbells. However, these dumbbells are smaller, easy to adjust, and safe to use.

The weight of powerblocks can be adjusted to up to 90 lbs, or even more, for each hand. Powerblocks are square-shaped and their weight is concentrated near the grip of your hand. This entails better balance and control for the user.

Also, its shape helps the user to easily adjust the weight of the dumbbell on the floor, without the dumbbell rolling away. Its design is made for smooth-flowing exercises but still gives off good and improved results.

Advantages of Powerblocks

Powerblocks have an improved compact design so that the weights added are secured and have no loose parts, which may cause accidents. The best thing about using this weight equipment is that they are easy to adjust. It is easy to determine the number of plates on the blocks, and adjusting them to your desired weights is also easy.

Another good thing about powerblocks is that the plates are made of steel or urethane. This guarantees the user that these blocks can last for a long time.

Powerblocks for Better and Effective Workout

Weights awaken your sleeping muscles and neurological systems. They help the muscles to contract during lifting. By simply lifting them in the right manner, you can easily achieve greater strength.

Another feature that makes powerblocks a great choice for weights tools is that you can control how to use these dumbbells. Unlike other weight lifting equipment, you can lift these blocks in any direction you desire.

Powerblocks are way better than other typical dumbbells, most especially in terms of storage. With its small size, you can keep them in any place in your house.

If you want to start your weight lifting exercise to increase your strength, then it is time to buy your own powerblocks.

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