The Benefits of Vibrational Exercise Machines

The Benefits of Vibrational Exercise Machines

What is Vibrational Exercise Therapy?

Vibration machines in Jackson, MS – what’s the big deal?

If you’re like many Americans living with chronic pain, chances are you’ve searched high and low through different avenues for a non-medicinal way to deal with, and hopefully eliminate, the discomfort.

Hope has been found, however, through vibrational exercise therapy. In vibrational exercise therapy, participants position their bodies on platforms of vibrating exercise machines. The vibration machines then transmit pulsing or oscillating vibrations that course through their body.

These vibrations (among other things), help achy muscles relax, while a much-needed break is offered to their overstimulated nervous system. Many vibration machines in Jackson, MS can be purchased for at-home use, but are also available at local gyms and fitness centers.

When vibrational exercise machines are used, the vibrations stimulate muscle receptors, causing them to work harder. When paired with strength exercises like squats or push-ups, an increased number of muscle fibers are used and eventually fatigued. The end result is that more fibers within the muscle tissue are trained, worked, and built-up versus just simply performing the strength exercise alone.

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Vibration Exercise Machines

Vibration exercise machines are a type of exercise equipment where you simply sit, stand, or lie on a vibrating platform in order to receive the therapeutic energy that the machine transmits into your muscles. The vibration causes muscles to contract and relax over a dozen times each minute, which can surprisingly make you feel the same as if you’ve exerted yourself during a strenuous workout at the gym.

According to experts, as little as 15-minutes a day, three times a week, has the potential to improve flexibility, increase blood flow, help with weight loss, decrease muscle soreness, build strength, and lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Vibration machines in Jackson, MS can also be purchased for home use from places specializing in such at home fitness equipment.

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The Benefits of Vibration Exercise Machines as part of your at Home Fitness Equipment line-up

Vibration machines offer many benefits if used along with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Contrary to popular belief, using these types of exercise machines alone will not melt off that excess weight. The benefits, however, far outweigh any critical reviews from naysayers.

Those benefits include:

Improved muscle strength
Aids in weight loss when coupled with a balanced diet and overall reduction of calories
Reduction of back pain
Improved balance and strength in aging adults
Reduction of bone loss
Increased bone density
Increased muscle mass
Reduction of joint pain
Stress alleviation
Reduction of back pain
Increased blood circulation
Reduction of muscular spasticity
Improved athletic performance
Increased metabolism
Disruption of pain signals

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Promising Results and Interesting Information

Thanks to numerous medical studies, many vibrational exercise machines, and even some vibrating glute exercise machines, have shown promising results when it comes to improving overall health, athletic performance, and wellness within those who religiously use them. Many physical therapy offices and athletic training centers are now turning to vibrational exercise machines as a means of injury rehabilitation.

Studies have shown that long-term vibrational exercise therapy and training improved the posture and stability of the study’s participants. Likewise, low back pain is responsible for much of that posture and stability dysfunction. In fact, as many as 80 percent of the population has, at one time or another in their lives, suffered from low back pain.

Studies have also shown that vibrational therapy can offer short-term benefits for those suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. Those living with Parkinson’s benefit from the therapy’s ability to reduce the muscle tremors and rigidity that stem from the disease. More research, however, is needed to gauge the therapy’s long-term effects.

Are There Any Risks with Vibrational Therapy?

As with any piece of exercise equipment, there are risks involved if the machine is not used properly. When the vibrational exercise machine is not used correctly, or monitored by a trained professional, an overly intense vibration or a machine that is set too high can actually cause more lumbar injuries and contribute to already severe back pain. As with any exercise, you should speak with your doctor before beginning a new therapeutic routine. In fact, vibration exercise machines should be avoided if:

You are on blood thinners
You have advanced diabetes
You are pregnant
You have heart disease

Closing Thoughts

If you are intrigued by the benefits associated with vibrational exercise machines but don’t have the extra time to take out of your busy schedule to visit the gym, at home fitness equipment and vibration machines in Jackson, MS are available to purchase at Fitness Expo.