The Best and Worst Commercial Fitness Equipment and Trends of 2019

The Best and Worst Commercial Fitness Equipment and Trends of 2019

Every year, the fitness world sees a flood of new health ideas, diets, and commercial gym equipment for sale – and 2019 was no different than any other year. 

That being said, we feel like we would be remiss if we did not at least point out some of what we think are the best and worst when it comes to commercial fitness equipment and functional training ideas that were particularly prevalent in the last of the 2010s. 

There is one small caveat worth mentioning before we really get into it, though, and it is that while it is fairly easy for us to discuss the best fitness equipment that we had the pleasure of experiencing last year, the worst of the bunch is more along the lines of bad ideas that seemed to saturate the fitness industry through 2019. Without further ado, let’s jump into the good of it: 

Best Commercial Fitness Equipment in 2019

Octane Lateral X Elliptical

By combining both lateral and elliptical motions, the Octane Lateral X Elliptical offers built-in muscle confusion properties. 

Because of this, users of this incredible commercial elliptical enjoy remarkable benefits, including boosts in stamina, coordination, and endurance. 

However, that’s not the only thing that sets this fitness equipment apart from everything we saw in 2019. 

Included in its list of features, the Octane Lateral X offers: 

  • Adjustable 3D motion
  • Ability to adjust lateral width
  • Numerous workout programs
  • Dozens of levels of resistance
  • A large display
  • Digital heart rate sensors
  • A console fan

And those who are mindful about their energy consumption love that the Octane Lateral X Elliptical is self-powered. 

This means that any electricity that the machine uses is created by using the machine itself. 

Because of this, it offers a win-win-win-win scenario for anyone looking to lower their impact on the environment, keeps their energy bills manageable, achieves a stellar cardio workout, and place their workout equipment wherever they want without sacrificing any functionality. 

Precor Spinner Rally (Belt Drive)

Anyone in the market for the best when it comes to indoor cycling simply has to give the Precor Spinner Rally a try. 

Constructed on an all-new aluminum frame, the Spinner Rally was crafted with care by Precor to offer users an attractive option that will likely outlive any other commercial fitness equipment available on the market. 

Its friction resistance system driven by a Poly-V belt with its 43-pound weighted flywheel allows users inertial pedaling that, to put it bluntly, feels like you’re actually riding a bicycle outside. 

professional gym equipment - Fitness Expo

We would argue that no other indoor bike even comes close to how well the Precor Spinner Rally simulates traditional biking. 

Some of the features included with this bike include: 

  • Dual-sided pedals
  • Dip-molded adjustable handles
  • Optional display that shows RPM, heart rate, time, distance, calories burnt, and battery readouts
  • Capable of pairing with Polar, ANT+ heart rate monitors

Along with all of its fitness-oriented features, the Precor Spinner Rally is also just a beauty to behold. 

The semi-gloss powder-coated aluminum black frame looks great among nearly any decor. The only real downside to this piece of fitness equipment is that it makes any other nearby commercial workout equipment look outdated in comparison. 

Worst Fitness Trends in 2019

While we hate to get negative when it comes to anything coming from the fitness industry, there were a few things that we kept seeing through 2019 that we just can’t ignore. 

Oddly enough, one of the worst (and arguably weirdest) pieces of training equipment we’ve ever seen seemed to come back in full force last year, and that’s the Shake Weight

It might not be entirely useless for strength training (barely), but it’s… suggestive motion made it the butt of far too many jokes when it was first unleashed on an unsuspecting public. 

For some reason or another, we noticed a number of trainers and influencers bring it back to the public consciousness, and we’re just not okay with that. 

Pain training was another bad idea that we saw more often than we would’ve liked through 2019 – mostly because it’s a terrible way to get in shape. 

This type of training is often accompanied by quotes like, “Pain is weakness leaving your body,” and, “It’s not effective if it doesn’t hurt.”

Certainly, there can (and should in some cases) be a little discomfort or fatigue when you’re training hard, but you shouldn’t be in agony just to get in shape. Pain is, quite literally, your body’s way of telling you to quit doing something a certain way. Listen when your body talks to you – sometimes it just knows better than your brain (or the person telling you pain is a good thing). 

Alright, before this gets way too negative, there’s only one more thing we’re going to discuss because, well, it’s kind of hilarious and we’d like to leave this article off on some kind of high note before taking any other ideas across hot coals. 

We’ll just leave this video here and hope you don’t fall for anything like this in 2020: 

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