The Best at Home Fitness Equipment for an Apartment

The Best at Home Fitness Equipment for an Apartment

When it comes to at-home fitness equipment, people with enough space available can practically choose whatever machines they want without much problem. However, this is quite different for those who live in an apartment where space is already at a premium and you have neighbors to worry about.

Traits for Good At Home Fitness Equipment

Small Size

With space traditionally being so limited in an apartment, that doesn’t leave much area for fitness gym equipment at home. That being said, the best equipment for working out at your apartment needs to take up a small footprint in whatever room you are planning to use it in.

Easily Stored

Many pieces of at home fitness equipment are designed to fold up or take up less space when not in use, but some of those can still take up a significant amount of space. The best workout equipment for an apartment will take up absolutely zero floor space if you so choose – because you can store it away somewhere that is not visible when guests come over.

Best At Home Fitness Equipment Categories for an Apartment

Core Workout Equipment

Anyone who has spent time looking for the best workouts has likely come across dozens of articles explaining the importance of keeping their core as strong as possible. Not only do core workouts specifically target parts of the body that people wish they could tone the most, but that strong core also sets a foundation for the rest of the body to get more fit as well. Those looking for at home fitness equipment reviews while looking for a piece to go in their apartment will find workout equipment for their abs to be some of the most well reviewed in the industry.

Core workout equipment is also an excellent choice for an apartment due to how compact much of these pieces can be while offering an incredible workout that offers resistance based on the user’s own body. The Teeter Contour L5 LTD offers multiple stretching and strength exercises and can easily fold up and slide under the bed or into a closet when it is time to put it away.

Free Weights

When it comes to available options with one piece or set of fitness exercise equipment at home, there is nothing better than free weights – particularly one like the Powerblock Set 90 Stage 1, 5-50lbs. Where sets like these set themselves apart from other free weights are their ability to offer a fairly large range of weight to workout with while not eating up your floor space.

You can, quite literally, workout every single muscle group in your body with a good set of free weights. And, when you have an adjustable set like the Powerblock, you don’t have to litter your floor with dumbbells just to have the appropriate weights available just to work out in your apartment.

There is a significant problem that can come with using larger free weights as at home fitness equipment in your apartment – your neighbors. Just as you don’t want the neighbors who live above you in Shreveport stomping around all over the place and shaking your walls, imagine how crazy (and annoying) it would be to have the people living above you dropping over a hundred pounds of weight onto what’s technically your roof over and over again, day after day.

If you decide that free weights in your apartment are the way to go for your fitness gym equipment for home, use them in a way that is not going to leave your neighbors complaining about you to management because you’re shaking their walls. Still, as long as you can keep from dropping them onto your floor, free weights are an excellent option that doesn’t take up much space and their modular nature makes them easy to store in nearly any room without taking up much space at all. 

Folding Treadmills

Although not nearly as portable or storable as the free weights or core workout equipment above, folding treadmills like the Life Fitness F3 Folding Treadmill are a popular option for running and cardio enthusiasts (which we say should be everyone) who live in an apartment. One thing that makes the F3 Folding Treadmill such a good choice for apartment living is that its FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, which is designed to reduce stress on your knees and joints, also works to help keep your downstairs neighbors sane while you run for miles on end.

Folding treadmills easily set themselves apart from other cardio machines like rowers and ellipticals in that their footprint, or the amount of space they take up in the apartment, can be substantially reduced while the machine is not in use. Nevertheless, these are best used in the bedroom or out of the way because, even when folded up, they still look large or can be an obstacle you don’t want your guests to have to contend with.

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