The Best Equipment for Strength Training

The Best Equipment for Strength Training

Bulking up or having that toned body requires a number of exercises that are more than just running, lifting dumbbells, and hundreds of daily crunches. And when it comes to strength training, you need all the essentials: equipment and a whole lot of motivation, patience, and determination.

New to Strength Training?

Some people prefer cardio exercises over strength training and vice versa; for the most part, the latter targets your muscle groups, giving you advantages such as stronger arms, legs, and buttocks.

Remember that most exercises under this category tend to be hard at first, but if you are consistent with it, you will see results in a few weeks. After all, strength training is a physical exercise that specializes in resistance, strength, and endurance. When done properly, you will get a number of benefits such as:

  • Increase in bone density and metabolism
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced joint and cardiac functions

Strength Training Exercises

There are so many fitness programs to choose from when it comes to strength training and they don’t need to be limited to lifting a heavy set of weights. Sports such as football and wrestling can have the same benefits such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, and power-lifting. Additional sports you can take to strengthen those muscles are javelin throw, discus throw, and shot put.

Strength Training Fitness Equipment

Single Stations

Single stations are made up of a number of equipment that targets different muscle groups and is great for strength training.

Cable Machines

They come in various shapes and sizes; they have a handle attached to its ends which are pulled and pushed. Can serve as assistance when doing your barbell or dumbbell lifts.

Bench Press

You can choose from an adjustable bench press or standard ones. The adjustable bench presses allow you to work out incline or decline. At the end of the day, it is still up to your preference. Some gyms even have squat racks or stands for the bench press.

Leg Machines

Strength training won’t be complete without these babies. Your squats might help you tone, but leg machines can give you more defined legs, thighs, and calves. You can also use a squat calf machine to specifically target that certain body part.


Barbells and dumbbells will give you more strength and endurance, so grab one or both of these, but make sure that you are using the right size and weight according to your level. Of course, if you’re a beginner, take it slow and start with lighter weights.

If this isn’t your first rodeo, opt for fixed weight bars with the weights already attached. They also happen to be used mainly as assistance for exercises. Safety bars, Strongman Logs, and cambered bars are essential if you’re already advancing to more challenging strength training.

Getting Quality Exercise Machines

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Keep Going

Sight training isn’t easy at first; it takes determination to actually become consistent in something. Once your body is used to it, you won’t feel any pain or exhaustion anymore. Plus, strength training improves your overall health–you won’t even feel lethargic after doing your work or school. This will also benefit you in other aspects, regardless if it’s significant or mundane. Keep pushing yourself and you will eventually see the fruits of your labor.