The Best Fitness Equipment on a Budget – Getting Started

The Best Fitness Equipment on a Budget – Getting Started

It can be intimidating finding the best fitness equipment when you’re starting to build out your home gym. Cardio fitness equipment is a must in every home gym and whether you’re an exercise enthusiast, or you’re following your New Year’s resolution through by finally doing something about that spare tire around your waist (good for you!), you should know – you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in Jackson, MS to get the resources you need to achieve and maintain that sizzling beach-ready body. This article will show you the best cardio fitness equipment available to buy when you’re watching the budget.

Affordable Equipment for the Best Brands to Get You Started


Horizon is an excellent choice when you don’t want to shell out a whole month’s wages on your next piece of cardio fitness equipment. The Horizon M-4 Indoor Cycle Trainer is an ideal addition to your exercise equipment at home if you are a cyclist at heart or are interested in getting into the cycling scene at the gym. Cycle Trainers are an efficient way to not simply fit cardio fitness into your life but a step toward really committing to your fitness goals and prioritizing your fitness overall. Horizon makes a variety of cardio fitness equipment such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, upright bikes and more. Not only is Horizon affordable, but it also has some really winning qualities that we think you’ll love!

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Simple to use features
  3. Smart functions

This Horizon M-4 Indoor Cycle Trainer and more of Horizon’s commercial gym equipment can be found for sale on the Fitness Expo Stores website:


Octane is a beloved brand with quality commercial gym equipment for sale. Their XT4700 Elliptical will have you closer to your weight goal in no time. An elliptical is an ideal piece of exercise equipment for your home because it is easier on your body while still taking you to that peak calorie-burning intensity as you push through your personal bests. You can keep track of your stats on the easy to read display screen. Octane sells both seated and standing ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and runners. Octane cardio fitness equipment is some of the best fitness equipment around because the company is dedicated to zero impact cardio.


If you’re looking for a top-notch rowing machine then you can feel good looking at a Waterrower rowing machine for your newest piece of quality equipment in your home gym. Waterrower uses fine sustainable hardwoods sourced in the United States Appalachian Mountains. Waterrowers were designed by US National Team rower John Duke so you can be sure you get the most authentic feeling of being on the water.

Rowing is one of the best exercises you can do for your body because it works out a whopping 84% of your muscles! That kind of efficiency is not to be overstated. It is by far the best bang for your buck as far as exercise time goes. Rowing machines are sometimes in the corner behind the ellipticals, the bikes, or the weights at gyms, but this hardcore, full power cardio equipment is making a comeback and it doesn’t take much to see why.

We Believe in You

As anyone gets serious about their health and wellbeing the question they eventually ask themselves is “what kind of home cardio equipment should I purchase and how will I ever afford it?”. Let’s face it, none of us have all the time we want to to go to the gym. In order to reach those personal goals having a good piece of equipment that you can go to in the peace of your own home is invaluable…but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t afford it. That’s why we’ve given you this article with a few great brands to look at to get your best fitness equipment even if you don’t have a huge amount of money to work with.

When you are ready to get started with exercise equipment for your home, give our Fitness Expo in Jackson, MS, or one of our Louisiana locations a visit. If you are not sure where to start, one of our fitness consultants will be happy to help you find the right piece of fitness equipment for your home, no matter what your budget might be. From cardio to weight training and everything in between, a Fitness Expo fitness consultation will get you started on your path to healthy living no matter what your fitness and weight goals might be.