The Best Home Exercise Equipment for People Over 50

The Best Home Exercise Equipment for People Over 50

Aging has never been an excuse to stop exercising. 

Health experts argue that senior exercises are vital for a fit and healthy life. 

It helps keep the body functional and organs working accurately, making you more productive as well. 

Fitness for Seniors

Senior exercises, however, require a different schedule than that of the normal youthful adults. This is because their strength decreases, and bodies become frailer. 

Nonetheless, choosing the appropriate equipment for the home can allow seniors to work on their fitness, staying healthy and active, and avoiding severe injuries. 

This article will look at the best exercise equipment for the home that seniors can purchase. 

1.    Elliptical Machine

As you age, it becomes increasingly difficult to run on a treadmill, pavement, or jogging outside. 

The primary source of this problem is the aging knees, which cause discomfort. 

An elliptical machine is, therefore, an ideal choice for seniors who want a vigorous aerobic workout without stressing the knees. 

Research has proven that elliptical machines usually are less stressful to the hips, back, and knees compared to running on a treadmill.

 The device has heart rate and blood pressure monitors to ensure that you track your workout and stay within limits. 

An elliptical machine such as the OCTANE XR6X SEATED ELLIPTICAL is, therefore, one of the best Metairie health fitness equipment for people over the age of 50. 

2.    Weights

Contrary to what many people believe, regulated weights are essential in seniors’ workout. 

As we age, we normally lose muscle mass at a rate of four to six pounds per decade. This is according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). 

Little weight training can be used to regain the lost muscle mass, boost metabolism, increase strength, improve balance, and build bone density. You can get the best exercise equipment for home weight training from Fitness Expo Stores

For the uber-frugal individuals, you can turn some items around the house into weights and ad hoc barbells. 

3.    Kickboard

For people aged 50 or older, swimming exercises are the best to get in shape. If you live in the warm-weather states, and have a home swimming pool, a kickboard can come in handy. 

Swimming offers a full-body cardio workout with very minimal impact on the joints hence ideal for the elderly. Adding a kickboard in the mix helps in exercising the arms, hips, glutes, and legs. The lungs and heart will also become fit as you exercise. 

4.    Hand Grippers

As the years go by, the lower arms and the hands become weaker. This leads to issues when bringing or picking items. 

However, with a hand gripper, you can easily maintain a firm grip and keep the health of the hands. 

This is one of the best Metairie health fitness equipment for seniors with hand problems. 

Some of the best models from Fitness Expo Stores allow users to change the resistance level hence being ideal for all levels and health complications. 

5.    Stability Ball and Resistance Bands

The sitting ball is the ideal health fitness equipment for strengthening the core muscles. Strong core muscles are responsible for better balance and posture as you age. 

The balance ball is also used for other exercises such as stretching so as to improve flexibility and overall physical fitness. 

The resistance bands can also be used for stretching. Some of the reasons why resistance bands are popular are because they are compact, mobile, cheap, and safe to use. 

6.    Recumbent Exercise Bikes

For people over the age of 50, recumbent bikes are an ideal choice for gym and home workout. 

The stationary exercise bikes for seniors are divided into the traditional and recumbent type. The latter has a chair-like seat which reduces stress on the back and joints. 

You can get off the bike easily and is much safer to use. 

A great example that you can purchase is the HORIZON COMFORT R RECUMBENT BIKE that is quite affordable.

7.    The Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is Important in working out the shoulder blades, the back, and the spine. This exercise is also ideal for the general core strength, and the sets and repetitions depend on the health condition and fitness level of the user.

Keep In Mind

As you buy exercise equipment for home, it is strictly advised that you consult with a physician, qualified guide, or trainer before performing any exercise. This is because you can end up worsening the health condition of you push yourself beyond the boundaries. 

Be wary of the fact that bodies undergo changes, and become more fragile with age. 

When you feel any discomfort, pain, or dizziness, do not hesitate to consult a medical health care specialist.