The LifeCore LCR 100 – Take Control of Your Rowing Workout

The LifeCore LCR 100 – Take Control of Your Rowing Workout

For rowing outdoors to be safe, you cannot be on the water when lightning is around, but you should not forgo rowing during the summer when daily thunderstorms that pop up from the heat can occur. A reliable, controllable indoor rowing machine, like the LifeCore LCR 100, can help you get the professional-quality rowing workout you need when you cannot go outside. Rowing is also a quality, total-body workout that can be added to any cross-training regime for those participating in other sports.


Indoor Rowing Machines for Any Sport


Rowing is typically a colligate sport in Louisiana, but there is also the New Orleans Rowing Club that is open to beginners and experienced rowers, but you don’t have to be training for one of the rowing club’s events to use a rowing machine. Any participant in any major endurance event, from the Jazz half marathon in New Orleans in November to the Tour de Louisiane in June, can benefit from the workout a rowing machine such as the LifeCore LCR 100 provides.


Rowing with the LCR 100


Rowing with the LifeCore LCR 100 is different from working out with other rowing machines. This model features 15 preprogramed workouts. You can also increase the difficulty by using any of the 16 resistance levels. This wide range of resistances makes this rowing machine a good option for those who are beginners to exercise as well as practiced rowers. A heart rate monitor gives you a way to gauge the effectiveness of your workout. You can see how the LifeCore LCR 100 stacks up to other rowing machines on your next visit to one of the many Fitness Expo stores in Louisiana or Mississippi.


Your choice of regular exercise does not matter. Anyone can benefit from adding indoor rowing to their workout. When you add rowing to your jogging or biking regime, you will work different muscle groups, which reduces fatigue and recovery time. Cross training with the LifeCore LCR 100 is just one way to get your body ready for any sporting event in and around the state of Louisiana, whether you like rowing, running or biking.