The LifeFitness X1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Can Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

The LifeFitness X1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer Can Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Eager to get working on your fitness goals? The LifeFitness X1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer is perfect for you to get on and start moving quickly. With total body fluid motion, Link6 elliptical drive system, and quality that cannot be matched by any other piece of equipment, the X1 cross-trainer gives you a comfortable stride that will feel completely natural.


The stationary handlebars can check your heart rate by contact. Or you can wear a chest strap transmitter that is included with the cross-trainer. Work out your entire body with synchronized lower and upper body movement. The synchronization disperses your efforts to your arms and legs at the same time. You burn more calories with less exertion, making it easier to reach your fitness goals.


Get a quiet, fluid motion, which is perfect for the home environment with self-aligning ball bearings in the WhisperStride technology. Don’t worry about disturbing anyone else in the household with your workouts. You can exercise until all hours of the night or day in comfort. If you prefer to work out just the lower body, the ErgoGrip stationary handlebar is stable to keep you from feeling like you are going to fall.


Use any compatible Apple device with the Track+ console. Create custom workouts and track your fitness goals reached. Connect with Track+ console online to track all your information. You can also attach your compatible device in an oversized accessory tray, and a built-in reading rack.


Choose between the Track+ Elliptical console and the Go Elliptical Console. The Track+ Elliptical console comes with workout tracking, customization and entertainment rack. Fourteen workout programs come preprogrammed to help you get started on your goals. You can then connect it to for unlimited workouts to expand your repertoire. Make sure your console is compatible with an Android device if that is what you prefer over Apple. Get a docking station for your Apple device, and a USB port for easy connection.


The Go Elliptical Console comes with thirteen preprogrammed workouts and a wireless heart rate chest strap. You can create two user profiles so no one else can affect your fitness program. Create one custom workout per user profile for more customization.


Working out at home is better when you have the right fitness equipment you need to reach all your fitness goals. Going out in the winter months is not always easy, and not necessarily something we always want to do. Make the most out of your home gym with a LifeFitness X1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer.


Come into any Fitness Expo Store in Mississippi or Louisiana and meet with our knowledgeable and helpful staff. It is the goal of every member of our staff to make sure you reach your fitness with equipment that will work for you every step of the way. Once you have made your selection, we will help you with the setup at home and make sure you are comfortable with every function of the console and device. Beginning an exercise routine should be easy and comfortable and we want to help you in reach those goals before you begin your fitness goals.