The Most Popular Gym Equipment for Strength Training

The Most Popular Gym Equipment for Strength Training

Strength training is not just about getting lean; it is also about getting muscular and achieving the cuts that you see on bodybuilders. 

This type of training requires using various types of equipment. Mere squats and pushups will not provide the type of physique you dream of. 

However, going to the gym is a daunting task for many. 

They face various personal fears, such as feeling embarrassed because of their obesity or sweating profusely in front of others,  

In such cases, it is better to get a set of home gym equipment. But which gym equipment should you buy

Here’s a list of the most popular gym equipment that will surely boost your strength.

1. Cable Lat Pulldown

Most gym-goers want to get washboard abs and bulging biceps quickly. 

You can get the same type of physique with a cable lat pulldown. 

It’s ideal t for exercises that involve pulling. It has a cable machine on which you put weights and pull it slowly. 

You need to face the machine while pulling the weight. Your forward and backward movement while pulling works your latissimus dorsi or lats, located just below your shoulder blade. It gives that V-cut that you so desire.

2. Adjustable Pulley System

An adjustable pulley system is ideal for those who are starting with strength training for the first time. 

These pulley systems have interchangeable cable handles, along with a mainframe that provides significant height and width. The unique setup offers multiple grip positions, allowing you to exercise your abs, lats, chest, and back with different postures. 

This is one of the most cost-effective gym machines as it allows you to perform multiple exercises with only one piece of equipment. Make sure you buy appropriate weights for both sides.

Try the BH Fitness LK500FT Adjustable Pulley System to get started. 

3. Back Extension Bench

Many people call it a hyperextension bench. 

Although people use a regular bench available in their homes to perform this exercise, you shouldn’t follow their lead. 

These benches have specific height and length that helps you maintain your posture. 

You need to hook your feet underneath a pad by laying on this bench. Slowly lower your torso across another pad. 

Now try to lift your back and lay down again. Keep repeating this exercise multiple times to work your lower back and abdominal area. 

The forward movement flexes your back while your backward movement extends it. 

Going past your back’s natural line is called hyperextension. You can also remove the support for your torso. It helps to exercise your hamstring muscles.

4. HiRise Rowing Machine

A rowing machine such as the WaterRower M1 Hirise Rowing Machine is excellent exercise equipment that works almost every muscle in your body. 

It uses real-water resistance to offer a full-body workout and targets all your core muscles, and also strengthens your posture. 

The water-rower is ideal if you want to work your body joints and improve flexibility. 

home gym equipment rowing machine - Fitness Expo
Waterrower M1 Hirise Rowing Machine

Apart from working all your body muscles, a water-rower also reduces your back ailments. 

It slowly eases the stress on your knees and hips, making them flexible again. 

This is an excellent total body workout equipment for those who are coming back from an injury.

5. Hack Squat Machine

Free-standing squats are usually very unstable

You tend to get imbalanced while going up. 

But a hack squat machine can prevent that instability. 

This machine is ideal to build muscles by invoking synergists and stabilizers. 

Many people who don’t have experience in squatting should start with a hack squat machine as it gives them the stability to support their arms while exercising.

6. Smith Machine

Many people think that the Smith machine and hack squat machine are similar. 

However, they have different functions. 

This machine looks like a rack that comes with adjustable weight bars. 

The sturdy frame allows you to do squats and bench presses, thus improving your muscle structure. 

Most importantly, you will have tighter and stronger muscles after exercising with a Smith machine. 

The frame of this setup allows you to fix the bar in its appropriate place with hooks on either side. You need to face the machine and perform your squats and bench presses. 

The added weight helps your muscles push their limits. 

This ensures that you have stronger muscles after each home workout session. 

The above exercise machines are ideal for both beginners and veterans. 

From weight lifting to strength training, your home gym will have almost every type of workout equipment that a professional gym has.

A Journey Into Strength Training

Just like any exercise program, there are essential workouts and equipment involved in strength training. 

Start small and work your way up. Before you know it, exercising is now second nature.