The Top 4 Features of Elliptical Exercise Machines

With the obesity rate in the United States increasing to epidemic proportions, more and more people have started going to fitness gyms to combat obesity. This rising need for exercise also prompted the increasing number of gym products available, allowing everyone to set up their own personal gym at home. Among the most efficient products that you should consider having in your home gym are elliptical exercise machines. These equipment are designed to help you become fit with less muscle and joint pains.

When selecting elliptical exercise machines, here are the most important thing to keep in mind:

Stride Length
Stride length refers to the longest distance between the elliptical pedals. It may range from 12” to 22”.  For most people, the proper stride length is around 18 – 20”.

The higher the stride length of an elliptical exercise machine, the more effective it will be in working out your leg muscles and in burning calories.

Ergonomic Design
More than anything else, consider also the ergonomic design of the elliptical exercise machine you are planning to purchase. Most cheaper models do not have the right leg to arm bar ratio so you would end up leaning on the handrails and not burning sufficient calories. Aside from that, cheaper brands have stationary foot pedals, which can cause strains on the ankles and toe numbness after a long exercise program.

Thus, when purchasing elliptical exercise machines for your home gym, make sure that the equipment to purchase have proper foot pedal to arm bar ratio. Some models come with articulate foot pedals that follow the natural movement of the ankle providing support throughout the cycle.

Flywheel Placement
You have several choices when it comes to design. Some elliptical have the flywheels on the back portion, while others have the flywheels at the front and center.

Each of types of equipment offers varying elliptical feels. In the case of the front drive elliptical exercise machine, the movement provides a more sloped feeling similar to climbing stairs. Rear drive types provide a flat feeling as if you are running. The center drive elliptical combines running and climbing. Likewise, it makes you feel like standing upright than leaning.

Entertainment Features
Some people may think that entertainment features, such as Internet access, are not necessary or are just useless features. On the contrary, such features help make training more fun.

Adding iPod docks, speakers, special workout and tracking tools, for instance, encourages you to use your elliptical exercise machine for a long time. At the same time, it can make exercising more enjoyable. In addition, features that allow you to view workout videos or instructions also helps guide you on the right exercises that your body needs without having to hire a human coach or trainer.

To get the right elliptical exercise machines for you, bear in mind these four aspects. Also visit fitness equipment distributor sites like and browse through their wide selection of elliptical exercise machines and other fitness equipment.

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