The Top New Trends in Indoor Cycling in Baton Rouge

The Top New Trends in Indoor Cycling in Baton Rouge

We all know fitness is an important part of our lives. But not all locations— or people—are suited for cycling in the Louisiana heat. Allergies, crowded cities, and more can make a healthy lifestyle difficult. Indoor exercising equipment is on the rise, and the style continues to improve. In the world of indoor cycling, this translates to a higher tech experiences, new bike styles, and creating a full-body workout with cycling as a base.

We’ve collected the top four new indoor cycling trends of 2018 and, where relevant, provided links to the equipment best suited to help.
Ready to go for a ride? Clip in and pedal on!

Using Video for a New Experience

The first trend isn’t so much an equipment change as an experience change. Cycling studios across the nation and here in Baton Rouge are incorporating video into cycling workouts. They aren’t using video instructors or playing television— they are providing an experience of lights, sounds, or ambiance to fill out the cycling experience. While you might have a hard time rigging your stats to display on a screen for some friendly competition, you can hook yourself up with a screen or a projector in your workout zone.

Tracking Stats with Hi-Tech

Sure, we’ve all seen stationary bikes that track our heart rate through hand sensors and finger clips, or that let us set workout resistances based on our body types. But did you know that new indoor bicycles have been introduced that can connect with your phone via Bluetooth? The BH Fitness LK500RI Recumbent Bike, BH Fitness LK500UI Upright Bike, and others come equipped with the iConnect interface.

Simply link your phone to your equipment through its Bluetooth sensor, and you unlock a new world of workout possibilities. Use your phone to track your fitness stats or enjoy your favorite apps while you work out!

Full Body Workouts

Never miss leg day again by incorporating indoor cycling into your core and arm workout routines! An up and coming trend is to combine the motions by lifting weights and performing stretches with the upper half or your body while your legs pump those pedals.

While this trend may be more popular among recumbent cyclists, upright cyclists don’t need to shy away! Simply choose your stretches and lifts with care, keeping in mind your exercise gym equipment, your environment, and your stamina.

Keeping proper posture when cycling can be difficult, and you don’t want to exacerbate any back issues. Remember to consult your physician or personal trainer on which exercises will work best for you. Start small and simple, and work yourself up to more complicated exercises before adding any weights. Buying the best fitness equipment in Baton Rouge is also very important.

Now, a full-body workout on your cycle won’t build up strength and muscle mass— it’s more about toning and sculpting. If you’re wanting to work on muscle mass goals, you’ll want to spend 10-15 minutes after each 45-minute cycling session to work on those exercises. Your body will be nice and warmed up.

Meet the Elliptigo

Indoor cycling meets jogging meets realistic terrain challenges with the latest member of the equipment family: The Elliptigo. Like the name implies, an Elliptigo combines the advantages of indoor bicycles and ellipticals.

They provide a low-impact exercise that targets similar muscle groups to running. Similarities to cycling include hill settings and speed levels. However, the Elliptigo has advantages over both. It beats out running by reducing the risk of joint paint, allowing quicker muscle recovery, and further distance tracking. Cycling loses out to the more comfortable riding position— no seat, back, neck, or shoulder pain— and better bone density maintenance through a weight-bearing exercise.

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