This Is Why You Should Get On that Rowing Machine at the Gym or at Home

This Is Why You Should Get On that Rowing Machine at the Gym or at Home

This Is Why You Should Get On that Rowing Machine at the Gym or at Home

There is something satisfying and exciting about using a rowing machine as part of your workout regime. Think House of Cards Frank Underwood releasing his day-to-day stress by using his rowing machine situated conveniently in his basement. If a politician as stressed out as Frank Underwood can benefit from the machine itself, you will too!

A rowing machine aids with weight loss, increasing your stamina, toning and building your muscles. This machine is a game-changer indeed as it works out several muscle groups, which will help you develop both your upper and lower body. And the most important part of all? It keeps you active!

And we know that you already know that and sometimes, it just doesn’t give you that “push” to get one for yourself or sit on one at the gym. That’s why we have detailed all the wonderful benefits that you can get out of this machine.

Fan of Aerobics? You’ll Love This

There are some who prefers aerobic exercise as alternative to other cardio workouts and that’s totally fine. If you are a fan of aerobics, you are going to love this as well. The use of a rowing machine is pretty much the same as doing aerobic exercises. This is a good thing especially if you want to mix up your aerobic routine as this will really keep things interesting.

Imagine the WEIGHT LOSS from This

If you do regular workouts on this rowing machine, you can burn an average of 600 calories per hour. Yes, 600 calories. And that’s already a lot for a day. Just imagine if you do it every day, right? With that being said, it shows how efficient this machine is.

Stronger Back & Shoulders

Nothing beats a strong upper body and you can strengthen yours with this machine. This equipment provides a super upper body workout as it exercises the rhomboids in the shoulders, trapezii in the upper back and lats in the lower back. And with a stronger upper body, you get yourself a better posture and if you frequently experience back pains, you will feel it slowly reducing as long as you continuously push yourself on the rowing machine.

Work The Rear

Just like the benefits that this equipment provides to the upper body, this also delivers benefits to the lower body as well. Most rowing enthusiasts consider the use of a rowing machine a workout for the lower body. When using this, you will not only feel the burn on your legs but on your entire lower body as well, which only means that they are being worked out. With that, you get stronger legs, better glutes and calves!

Not a Fan of Cardio? This One’s For You

If you don’t like doing cardio workouts or you have existing joint problems, doing your cardio exercise with this will surely help. Why? It’s low-impact, which makes it perfect for your existing condition and for those who despise doing cardio. Sorry to say, you have to do it. What makes it a good cardio workout is that its motion is natural and low impact, which only puts minimal stress on the joints.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get out of a rowing machine. Having one for your home will be very useful Or if you frequent the gym, make sure you abuse your membership by sitting on the rowing machine. It’s going to do you good and we’r pretty sure you’re going to love the workout!