Tips On Getting the Best Fitness Equipment For Your Cardio Workout

Tips On Getting the Best Fitness Equipment For Your Cardio Workout

Before you actually purchase fitness equipment, you have to first identify which ones will work best for you.


These machines will help you burn calories and improve endurance with low-impact activity. When it comes to buying a treadmill, there are some features that you should definitely be mindful of such as:

  • Motor – if you are looking for the most affordable treadmill, then you will likely come across one that doesn’t have a motor and requires little maintenance. This kind of treadmill will really make you work for your workout. On the other hand, having an electric treadmill these days is the most convenient and preferred choice of many. They have two motors and it allows you to select an incline, speed, etc. When choosing an electric treadmill, you have to look at the amount of horsepower that it will provide you with. The larger the motor, the more horsepower.
  • The belt – these belts come in various sizes. Make sure that it can accommodate your longest walking or running stride.
  • Speed – keep in mind that most treadmills run between 0 and 10 mph whilst others can go up to 12mph.
  • Incline – you can keep the belt flat or you can incline the treadmill up to 15%. There is also a manual incline and power incline that lets you incline the treadmill with just a touch of a button.

Exercise Bikes

Ideal for those who are not fond of going on bike rides outside the house or even cyclists who want to do some training. Whether you’re a beginner or not, an exercise bike is good fitness equipment to keep you on your toes.

When buying a stationary bike, you have to know which type of bike that will work for you the best.

There are 3 types of stationary bikes on the market:

  • Upright – this allows the user to sit on a traditional bike seat whilst pedaling.
  • Dual-action – this features movable arms for a more intense workout and at the same time, work on your upper and lower body.
  • Recumbent – this lets the user sit back in a bucket seat or chair while pedaling. This is ideal for people with back problems.


Pedaling on a stationary bike with no resistance at all doesn’t make sense. Knowing the type of resistance a bike has before getting yourself one is essential.

  • Direct tension – this lets users manually adjust the resistance by turning knobs or adjusting a lever.
  • Flywheel – a heavy flywheel regulates resistance and guarantees a smooth operation.
  • Air – this is a fan built into the wheel of your bike, which makes the user pedal against the airflow.
  • Magnetic – this is often seen in gyms, this provides friction-free pedaling.

Elliptical Machines

Another good fitness equipment for your cardio workout, this mimics stepping, walking and skiing that gets your heart rate up. There are plenty of elliptical machines available in the market today. To ensure that you get the best, make sure that you check out these features:

  • Dual-action – Dual-action elliptical machines come with movable handlebars that let you work on your upper and lower body.
  • Dual direction – this feature lets you work all of your leg muscles.
  • Pre-programmed courses – this lets you walk in the park, climb a mountain, or even set a course.
  • Display – the display should be big enough for you to be able to see the calorie count, the distance, how fast you move, and your heart rate.
  • Portability – if you have limited space, make sure that your elliptical machine folds up.
    Safety – the elliptical machine should feature non-slip foot pedals.


When it comes to toning your glutes, hamstrings, and calves, this is exactly the one for you. It is available in manual and electric options.

There are two types of steps that you can choose from:

  1. Dependent
  2. Independent

The price of the climber also depends on its resistance.

  • Cylinder-driven – this uses air or hydraulic fluid for resistance and you change its resistance with a turn of a knob.
  • Computer-controlled – this guarantees smoother movement and at the same time provides feedback on your heart rate, steps climbed, calories burned, etc.

These four fitness equipment are very essential to your workout. It provides an efficient cardio workout that you should definitely not skip whatever type of workout you embark on.

The good news is, there are now plenty of fitness equipment stores out there where you can browse around and at the same time, get educated about the proper fitness equipment that you can use for your home. If you don’t have the time to do so, you can also browse online.

There are now a lot of online fitness equipment stores that can help you find the perfect fitness equipment for you. Fitness Expo is one of the most reputable online fitness equipment stores carrying the best brands and with accommodating staff to help you all throughout. They also have the best prices for their fitness equipment that you shouldn’t miss.

It’s time to start getting fit and having the right fitness equipment for you at home will definitely do the trick. This will serve as your motivation to use the equipment on a daily basis and trust us, it is a worthy investment. Health is wealth, remember? And being fit will lead you the road of fitness and health. Start enjoying your life more and do it the healthy way. Start with yourself and everything will fall into place.

With all these tips, you are bound to get the best fitness equipment that will make your cardio workouts more efficient. Keep yourself motivated and get yourself the best fitness equipment that will really tone those muscles and give you a better-looking body that you will definitely enjoy for the rest of your life!