Tone Your Cross-training Muscles With a Precor Efx 5.21

Tone Your Cross-training Muscles With a Precor Efx 5.21

Getting your muscles into shape shouldn’t be a chore. You should enjoy your workout, whether you are taking the first step in a fitness routine, or you trying to get back into shape. Many of us don’t continue with a fitness routine after graduate high school or college. Getting back into shape on multiple levels can be the difference between a healthy lifestyle or numerous visits to the doctor. Or are you in excellent health, but want to expand your fitness repertoire by cross-training into another sport? Either way, a Precor EFX 5.21 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer can help you.

The Precor EFX 5.21 has an adjustable height for the elliptical path your feet take while you are working out. The Variable Stride Geometry, the name for this adjustable elliptical path, allows specific focus on certain lower-body groups of muscles. This allows you to work on the muscle groups you want, when you want to work on them.

The handlebars of this machine are fixed, so there will be no movement. This allows you to focus on your lower body only. You will be able to work the upper body muscle group with a different piece of equipment, so that each part of your body can receive the focus that it needs for each workout.

The ramp is adjustable, so that you can give each muscle group a different workout depending on what your plan is for the day. Adjusting your elevation makes for a more efficient workout. Working only one set of muscles all the time will not help you reach the fitness goals you are striving for.

The motion for the Precor EFX is a natural and smooth movement. This helps to give you the lowest exertion rate of any cardio system. This makes your workouts more comfortable for you to do longer, even through a strenuous workout. This also allows your heels to stay in contact with the pedals. The contact will reduce tendon and muscle stress.

There are sixteen levels of resistance. The pedals have the ability to go in reverse as well as forward, allowing more muscles to receive attention during a workout. There is a locking pin to keep the pedals in place when not in use.

The console is a single color LCD screen with quickstart. There are preset programs that will give you multiple workouts to choose from, depending on your goals for the day or your ultimate goals. There are also various electronic readouts for you track your heart rate, calories burned, resistance level, and strides per minute. The heart monitoring comes from touch on the handlebars and can work with any Polar chest strap 5Hz transmitter, but a chest strap is not included.

To find out if the Precor EFX 5.21 is for you, come into any of the Fitness Expo locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. Our trained and friendly staff would be happy to explain the machine to you and help you determine if you will benefit from this piece of equipment.