Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Working Out With Fitness Trampolines

Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Working Out With Fitness Trampolines

Who says jumping up and down is a boring and outdated exercise? Remember when you were a kid and jumping would give you that adrenaline high along with running wild?

Fitness trampolines are one of the most enjoyable ways to get fit in the gym or at home with the excitement and fun that you had when you were playing around as a little kid.

A fitness trampoline is a piece of exercise equipment that is a small trampoline made with a strong frame and a strong material stretched across it, for jumping up and down on.

The type of aerobic exercise that is performed while jumping on a fitness trampoline is called rebounding. It is performed fast or slow and can be mixed with rest or aerobic stepping.

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Why You Should Do Workouts on Jumping Fitness Trampoline?

Rebounding is a workout perfectly suited to life indoors. This is what Goldie Hawn testified to as she bridged the gap between recreation and exercise, inspiring her followers to get moving in the midst of the quarantine.

In Japan, the sales of mini fitness trampolines began rising rapidly as a solution for staying active while at home when mass social distancing was enforced.

Read on to understand why Goldie Hawn and the Japanese chose this amazingly modest fitness equipment as a robust alternative to staying vital and healthy.

  1. Ease of impact forces on the feet and lower extremities

    While running can lead to orthopedic injuries because of the impact of the sole to hard surfaces, jumping on a fitness trampoline eases that impact force.

    The trampoline absorbs the shock that occurs when you pound on the pavement when you jump, according to John Porcari, professor of exercise and sport science at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.

    This makes trampolining a light-to-moderate intensity exercise, an easier exercise alternative to running and biking.

  2. Enjoyment factor

    If you consider exercising as something notoriously loath to do, exercising on a fitness trampoline is obviously a lot of fun. The enjoyment factor in trampolining overrides the fact that you are working hard to exercise.

  3. Easier on the joints while working on or toning your muscles

    Colette Dong, the co-founder of Tribeca trampoline-cardio studio The Ness, explained that the soft mat and cords of a mini fitness trampoline allow it to have “give” so that acceleration and deceleration are essentially absorbed, eliminating 80% of the shock of landing on a jump.

    This makes exercising on a fitness trampoline “low-impact, which is great because it protects your joints without sacrificing the work for your muscles,” Dong explained.

  4. Can be done in small spaces

    You can complete a rebounding session and get all the benefits of this exercise as long as you can find a space to place the fitness trampoline. What’s more to that, many models of mini fitness trampolines are collapsible, making them easy to store and carry with you on trips and in the outdoors.

  5. You can do it freestyle

    How hard is it to jump? Whether you opt to enroll in a virtual bounce and sculpt class on trampolining or choose to go rebounding on your own, nobody’s stopping you.

    Feel comfortable as you freestyle your way with a playlist that motivates you. Challenge yourself to move to the beat of the music and get gradually faster.

  6. Detoxification

    Working out on a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic system. Consequently, you maintain good health in the process by getting a boost in your immunity and having toxins be removed from your system.

    When lymph flow is increased as much as 15 times during rebounding, the aging process is also slowed down.

  7. Improves coordination and balance

    Bouncing on a trampoline creates a constantly shifting center of gravity which causes you to respond quickly by adjusting your positions and bilateral movements. Thus, your coordination and balance are drastically improved.

  8. Healthy Cardio Pulmonary Workout

    Bouncing on a trampoline for as little as 20 minutes a few times a week will help strengthen your heart and lungs. It aids in blood circulation, reduces blood pooling in the veins to prevent chronic edema, lowers blood pressure, and improves lung capacity.

  9. Helps in achieving weight loss

    An average size adult (150 lbs) can burn 82 calories while rebounding for only 12 minutes. This is an average 60% better loss than other forms of exercise such as jogging. In fact, spending only 5 to 10 minutes on the trampoline is almost equal to running a mile.

  10. Naturally reduces stress levels and hyperactivity

    Physical activity like rebounding on a fitness trampoline helps alleviate all types of stress and allows your body to relax naturally.

    According to the US National Library of Medicine, over time, bouncing can alleviate insomnia, pain from stress, and the anxiousness caused by restlessness.

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Bounce Yourself to with the Best Fitness Trampoline

There’s no better way to have fun while working out to achieve your fitness goals than bouncing on a fitness trampoline.

It is proven fitness equipment that can help you lose weight and shape your body within a short period of time. What are you waiting for?

Add a lot of fun to your workout regimen with a fitness trampoline!

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