Top 10 Home Exercise Gym Equipment

If you’ve lived in Baton Rouge then you’ve experienced the hype and intensity of the LSU Tigers and South University Jaguars during the heat of college football season. As a simple spectator, you see the crowd gearing for their gladiators as they storm the field. But much like any war, every soldier needs to be prepared for the upcoming battle. Therefore, it can be no surprise if you would see a large sum of money being procured simply for the health of the players.

By giving a little bit of time and funds, you too can have the same build as a young gladiator. But first you have to know which equipment would be best suited to your exercise gym equipment:

  1. Rowing Machines is a piece of exercise gym equipment created to build a full body tone that focuses on the upper and lower part as an aerobic exercise.
  2. The Jump Rope is normally integrated as a girl’s toy but it actually provides a high intense workout regimen that focuses on strength, agility and balance.
  3. A Medicine Ball is basically a large rubberized ball filled with sand which can be used for body weight exercises or a balance tool to strengthen your centre.
  4. Weights are generally the most common exercise gym equipment in use for most fitness centres. There are also a wide variety of sizes to suite your required training regimen. This also strengthens target muscle groups based on the lifting exercise done.
  5. Elliptical Machines challenge it’s users by imitating the upwards resistant motion of going up an inclined plane. There are also different modes that can intensify the workout without generating too much stress on the lower half of the body.
  6. It is also advice by rehabilitation doctors to take up Stationary Cycling during treatment because of the mechanical power used to drive this machine. It basically targets muscle groups which aren’t normally used while walking and it can be the exercise gym equipment that reaches hard to get spots.
  7. For those that lack the space then attaching a Door Frame Pull up Bar might be the solution for you. This handy gear can also be reattached to different locations depending on the brand bought. This is much like lifting weights but instead of lifting you can do sit ups and dips.
  8. With those that do have the space, having a Treadmill won’t do you any wrong. This machine imitates the simple aerobic exercise of walking or running. More advanced models provide settings that challenge the more adept runners. Also, some models have a fold up function for space saving purposes.
  9. A Punching Bag can always be a welcome addition to the home simply because it can be used a whole body work out tool that increases the mechanical control of the body.
  10.  The Interval Timer which may resemble an egg timer which provides the helpful guide for you in which to keep track of the workout.

These are but a few of the exercise gym equipment found in professional training and health centers but with a little bit of knowledge you can have your own fitness studio.

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